Students and Donors Blessed by Scholarships

Students and Donors Blessed by Scholarships

Every April, Maranatha Baptist University invites representatives from over 25 privately funded scholarships to attend its annual Scholarship Awards Chapel. During this chapel, Maranatha presents current undergraduate students with scholarships reflective of their majors, character, and financial needs. Various family members and friends set up the majority of the scholarships as memorials for loved ones, many of whom were former Maranatha students, staff, or faculty.

Loren and Lila Krueger set up a memorial scholarship for their son, Lee, a former Pillsbury student, whose wife, Tricia, graduated from Maranatha. Loren noted that they “wanted to see a student who needed financial help get [that] help.” His wife, Lila, added that they love attending the Awards Chapel because they “enjoy the students; their deportment is very admirable.” The Lee Jason Krueger Memorial Scholarship was first awarded to a Maranatha student in 2012.

Donors and students alike commented on the blessings they receive by giving and accepting these scholarships. “It’s always a blessing to see students receive this, even if it just covers their books,” shared Charlotte Cedarholm, daughter of Maranatha’s founding president and representative for the Cedarholm Alumni Scholarship. “It’s a blessing to see students later in their lives in the ministry [and] know that I was able to help them out a little.” Kimberly Knudsen is on the opposite end of the Cedarholm Scholarship, now having received the scholarship twice. “You know God is going to provide for your needs,” she commented, “but this is a tangible way to see that.”

Scholarships like the UW Health Partners Scholarship and the Camp Chetek Scholarship were set up for the sake of Maranatha students partnering with those entities. Audrey Wagie of the UW Health Partners Scholarship noted that they use this scholarship to connect with several area schools in hopes that nursing students will join with them in the future. “We award scholarships here and at UW Madison to help develop the future workforce for us,” Wagie explained. “By offering these scholarships, we promote the long line of community care.” Wagie also congratulated Maranatha for its excellent nursing program, due largely to the hard work of Maranatha’s nursing staff.

Student recipients understand God’s blessing when they are awarded Maranatha’s privately funded scholarships. “This is an answer to prayer in providing finances for next semester,” said Lydia Wagner, recipient of the Hope Pfeiffer Memorial Scholarship. Second year scholarship beneficiary Ruth Seest commented that receiving the Aquila and Priscilla Scholarship allows her the opportunity to go into her projected ministry as a Christian educator with limited debt.

“Scholarships are a great way to connect students and donors of the college,” added Byers-Price Memorial Scholarship awardee, Ariel Moore. “The financial blessing does make a big difference. . . . It affects me emotionally and spiritually, since we don’t always know where our next paycheck will come from.”

Maranatha Baptist University thanks the many benefactors who desired to create scholarships so that Maranatha students can enter into the world, fulfilling the mission of Maranatha “to the praise of His glory.”

Article submitted by Grace Peters