The Hiding Place: A Story of God’s Faithfulness


Maranatha will step out of the usual for this year’s spring dramatic production. Director Jeffrey Miller said the perspective provided by The Hiding Place is like nothing the College has done before.

“This year’s play is a compelling story with strong, rich text, and punctuated humor throughout; yet it pictures the depth and starkness of the Holocaust experience in a way I think will really connect with our audience,” Miller said.

The Hiding Place will be presented April 11-13 at the Maranatha Gymnasium. Tickets go on sale March 11.

Miller said he believes this play models the type of theatre Maranatha should be producing.

“I think it will challenge our audience in three main ways,” Miller said. “It will have sacred and spiritual impact. It will have theatrical depth. And, it will have academic lessons.”

The script is based on Corrie ten Boom’s 1971 autobiography in which she tells the true story of a family hiding Jews in Nazi-occupied Holland during World War II.

ten-Boom_CorrieThe production may appeal to the audience, but it is also impacting the lives of the performers.

Rodney King, one of the actors, said, “This play has indeed changed my perspective about the Holocaust. In a small way, I can see a glimpse of what the Holocaust was like. I can see and experience the fear, feel the pain, and share the sorrow.”

Rachel Ray, another actress, agrees.

“It’s one thing to read about people going through conditions like what Betsie and Corrie experienced, but it’s a totally different matter to be involved in acting out what the Holocaust was really like for the Jews,” Ray said. “It makes the tragedy of the Holocaust mean so much more. “

Though it may be different from previous performances, the director and cast members maintain The Hiding Place will be a production worth viewing.

“People will see that Maranatha has a strong emphasis on excellence, not only in the quality of the plays that we do, but also in the actual acting and performance,” King said.

“I think this play will change the lives of those who see it, whether they are familiar with the story or not,” Miller said.

“It is a beautiful and compelling story of God’s faithfulness even in the midst of a vile prison camp. It is changing the lives of those students who are preparing it, and I am confident it will bless the life of each individual who sees it.”

Go here for more information or to purchase tickets for The Hiding Place.

–By Bethany Wright