Traditions and “Traditions!”

Yes, there are traditions, and then there are…“traditions.”

What many people do not know about Maranatha’s collegiate musicians is that they use their creative juices in many other venues in addition to music (but as you will see from the pics, they probably better not change their majors to interior design!).

Music students take Harmony 1 and 2 from Dr. Brown and then graduate to Dr. Clater’s Harmony 3 and 4 courses. Students completing Harmony 2 have had a long-standing tradition of “decorating” Dr. Brown’s office as a heartfelt thank you for his fine teaching. Brown comments about his loving 2012 Harmony 2 class saying “…they went all out. Previously, I’ve been tinseled, toilet papered, sticky-noted, ballooned, etc. etc. However, this year tops them all. I guess our little “elves” did their deed last night while we were all making merry at our faculty/staff Christmas party.” After looking at Harmony 2’s interior decorating skills, Dr. Ledge said “wow, they even used a REAL TREE this year!”  And indeed, they did.

One of the “charter members” of this tradition is Senior, Kara Burgess. This morning Kara was thrilled with the evidence that the traditions they started will be continued by their successors. Burgess says, “Dr. Brown has told me that he still finds icicles floating around occasionally. Come to think of it, earlier this semester he called me into the office and had me remove a tiny bit of red tinsel still taped up in a corner. It’s so wonderful to know that for years to come, he will continue to find little reminders of his favorite students.” On Facebook, recent graduates are proudly commending their understudies. Melissa Aurand Haese wrote, “I am just so glad to see we thoroughly trained you!”

Yes, believe it or not, these are the same students who score in the nation’s 90th percentile on the music tests.

Experience Another Harmony 2 Tradition

Harmony 2 Graduation (subscribers, please go to the post to view):

Look at some pics from past years of office decorating: