Watch MSO Concertmaster Teach Masterclass at MBU

Bethany Rhine reflects on her incredible masterclass experience with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s associate concertmaster, Ilana Setapan, this past Thursday.

“I had the wonderful privilege of playing in a masterclass given by Ilana Setapan, associate concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I chose to perform the third movement from Max Bruch’s “Scottish Fantasy.” The third movement is my favorite because of the gorgeous lyrical lines that explore the heights and depths of human emotion. When Ilana began to work with me on some of the elements of the piece, she opened up my playing to a whole new level!! Even little details like focusing on playing with a full bow gave the music a whole new dimension. Her instruction will definitely help me as I practice my other repertoire too.

The highlight of the evening, however, came at the end of the masterclass when my teacher, Mr. Lewis Rosove, and Ilana performed the Handel-Halverson “Passacaglia.” Their performance was simply stunning. I don’t think that any of us in the audience wanted the music to end!

My thanks goes to Ms. Setapan for wonderful instruction, and to Mr. Rosove for organizing the class.”

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