Whitacre and More Performed by Rankin

Ruth Rankin performed a senior voice recital to fulfill one of the requirements of performance track music majors at Maranatha. To learn more about music majors at Maranatha, click here.

Watch Rankin perform repertoire by Whitacre and Bernstein below (subscribers: click here to watch).

Five Hebrew Love Songs by Eric Whitacre (b. 1970) assisted by Philip Ledgerwood (violin)
Eric Whitacre set these poems for the poet, Hila Plitman, now his wife, and their friend, violinist Freidemann Eichhorn. Whitacre brilliantly weaves motivic ideas through each piece of this set, creating a very unified whole. While not atonal in any sense, Whitacre uses some very untraditional harmonies and techniques. The fourth piece opens with an aleatoric, or chance music, section in the piano that mimics the sound of snowflakes falling.
I. Temuná
A picture is engraved in my heart;
Moving between light and darkness;
A sort of silence envelopes your body,
And your hair falls just so.
II. Kalá kallá
Light bride
She is all mine
And lightly
She will kiss me!
III. Laróv
“Mostly,” the roof said to the sky,
“the distance between you and me is endlessness;
But a while ago two came up here,
And only one centimetre was left between us.”
IV. Éyze shéleg
What snow!
Like little dreams
Falling from the sky.
V. Rakút
He was full of tenderness;
She was very hard.
And as much as she tried to stay thus,
Simply, and with no good reason,
He took her into himself,
And set her down
In the softest, softest place.

I Feel Pretty by Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)
In “West Side Story,” Bernstein highlighted the racial tensions in New York City at the time in a story about a Polish boy, named Tony, who falls in love with a Puerto Rican girl, named Maria. In this song, Maria has just returned from an afternoon with Tony, whose adoration makes her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. You will hear some flamenco-like rhythms that reflect Maria’s celebratory mood.