A Summer of Ministry

Traveling 16,635 miles in 12 weeks, Heritage Singers 2017 completed a wonderful summer of ministry. It was “the best summer of my life,” remarks Julia Bachorik. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

It was a summer of ministry, singing, blessings, learning, and edifying each other, which grew the team spiritually.

Although the team was sent to promote the school and minister in churches, each team member was encouraged personally by several different services. They also ministered to each other. “This team impacted and changed my life for the better through their ministry to me,” says Caleb Gillespie. “The team shared constant edification and encouragement.”

“One of the many things I learned,” says Rachel Prigge, “was to submit myself to others. Humility is required for any community to live in harmony.”

She continues, “Our best services were those when our hearts were focused solely on glorifying Christ” and not ourselves.

But it wasn’t always easy. Team members learned many lessons about living in a tight-knit group and crossing the country with seven of your new best friends. “There’s no room to think of yourself when you’re in such close quarters,” said Bachorik.

They also faced some difficult times physically, where they learned to trust God even more. “When we were feeling tired or sick,” Bachorik continues, “God’s strength shone through those times. The strength for the ministry we were doing was found nowhere in ourselves.”

“When you [minister] for the right reason,” remarks Gillespie, “God ends up using that and blessing you in return.”

The team thanks family, faculty, and friends for prayers, love, and support during their tour and prep work, and sends a special thanks to Dr. Budahl for his patience and wisdom in leading and preparing the team.

“Traveling during the summer is unlike anything you can imagine,” concludes Gillespie. “But it isn’t something you should do just because it sounds fun. It’s strenuous and tiring. But in the end, if you believe God has given you the ability to do so, traveling is worth every minute. If I could ever travel again, I would do it in an instant.”

Photos of the summer can be found on their Facebook page "Heritage Singers '17".