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2019-2020 Alumni National Project: Have A Seat

Each year the Alumni Association adopts a national project to provide an addition to Maranatha’s campus. This year funds raised will purchase new furniture for the public areas of campus. 

Providing furniture for the first floor Dining Complex and second and third floors in Old Main is the next step in improving our public areas. 

Donate to this Cause

Make this project a reality!

Give by mail at  MBU Alumni Office
                              745 West Main Street
                              Watertown, WI 53094

Give online.

These improvements will enhance the places students frequent for studying and socializing before and after classes. New furniture will create a stylish and comfortable venue that will enrich the college experience.

Thank you for taking part in this project!

Give by mail at
MBU Alumni Office
745 West Main Street
Watertown, WI 53094

Or give online:

ANP Accomplishments

2016-2017 Alumni Plaza

The Alumni Plaza serves as a testament to the true “brick and mortar” of MBU—those who established the vision of Maranatha and those graduates, churches, businesses, and individuals from around the world who continue to support its mission.

2017-2018 Partnership Project

The Partnership Project funded the purchase of equipment to make professional-quality audio/video recordings of Bible courses. These courses are used by missionaries to train national pastors on the mission field. Missionaries can develop pastors to lead churches by utilizing MBU curriculum and professors. In some instances the presentations are translated.  Sending the training to the mission field is much more cost effective than bringing men from foreign fields to our campus.

2018-2019 Cool Burckart Hall

Air conditioning in Burckart Hall provides a comfortable venue for rehearsals and concerts as well as preservation to the thousands of dollars invested in the 2009 remodeling.

The Big Picture


This year’s Alumni National Project is a small part of a bigger project to remodel Old Main. 



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