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Development clubs move Maranatha departments forward by helping meet specific needs. Club members and other faithful donors have sacrificially given toward these projects for many years. We appreciate friends who have partnered with us to help in the Lord's work. Click here to read what we accomplished in 2018 thanks to our club donors' contributions!

Builders Club

Whether it's classrooms or character, the Builders Club maintains the tradition of building Maranatha. Members have supplied the university with technological upgrades, furniture, equipment, and office renovation.

January-February 2019 | Job Placement Services

March-April 2019 | Fitness Equipment

May-June 2019 | Flooring for Dining Complex

July 2019 | Computer Upgrades

August 2019 | Welcome Circle Beautification

September 2019 | Library Networking Access Points

October 2019 | New Science Equipment

November-December 2019 Faculty/Staff Christmas Party

Athletics Club

The Athletics Club provides support to the mission of the athletic department and the overall needs of student-athletes. Members have provided the athletic department with training and weight room upgrades, conditioning equipment, coaching apparel, and statistical software.

December 2018-January 2019 | Baseball and Softball Machine Refurbishing

February-March 2019 | Baseball and Softball Missions Trips

April-May 2019 | Computer and Video Equipment

June-July 2019 | Coaching Apparel

August-September 2019 | Volleyball Training Equipment

October-November 2019 | Soccer Coevers

Fine Arts Club

The Fine Arts Club gathers donations for projects specific to the music and dramatic needs of the university. Members of the Fine Arts Club have presented the university with classroom and performance instruments, stage flooring, wireless microphones, and inventory software.

January-February 2019 | Piano Action Maintenance

March-April 2019 | Music Staff White Boards

May-June 2019 | Curtain Legs

July-August 2019 | Handbell Refurbishing Project

September-October 2019 | Fine Arts Hall Curtain Update

November-December 2019 | New Microphones


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