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Alumni Spotlight – Jared Mielke

After graduating from MBU with a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Pedagogy, Jared Mielke (’15) opened kNOW Music Studio where he currently  teaches music to students ranging in age from 7 to 73. He opened kNOW studio because he believes in the importance of helping people know music both now and in the future. At kNOW studio,

Mielke is also actively involved in his local Music Teachers National Association and describes some of the benefits of being involved in the professional teaching associations by stating “it keeps me learning new ideas and honing techniques, and it keeps me accountable.” After being elected treasurer of his local Music Teachers National Association last year, he shared how he has been able to learn much about being a steward of funds for professional organizations and creating scholarships for music students.

In addition to his managing his music studio business and fulfilling leadership roles in professional music teaching organizations, Mielke actively participates in the music at his church. He frequently plays organ and piano, sings specials, and assists with the sound booth. Mielke believes that “music (like all gifts from God) should be used for God’s glory and to point people to Christ.” Mielke further elaborates that “God is not honored with simply offering lousy music because we [are] not willing to offer our best or give our time to make the music better.”kNOW music studio logo

Mielke also invests in the music education of young people at his church by teaching worship and music classes for preschoolers through sixth grade on Wednesdays. In these classes, he not only teaches the elements of music, but he also broadens the children’s understanding of hymns so that “the children learn the doctrine of the hymn texts and how it relates to their lives.”

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As Mielke reminisced about his time at Maranatha, he shared that he is most thankful how God used this time to teach him how to depend on the Him, trust Him, and watch Him for guidance in his life. “What a joy it is to look back and see how God has led me along the way and directed me in a way I had never imagined,” remarks Mielke. “Now as I face tomorrow, I can be reminded that God has never failed in the past, and He will never fail in the future. May we press on and keep serving God till He comes. Maranatha!”

Article written by Janet Tschida