A Letter to Parents

The decision of where to attend college is one of the most important decisions your child will ever make. This decision will frame your child’s future, establish what worldview they adopt, what spiritual emphasis will be the foundation of their future, what leadership opportunities in a Christian atmosphere will enrich their lives, what long-lasting friendships will be built, and likely who they will choose for a mate.

The following are common questions or discussions that arise as I talk to parents. I trust that these will assist you as you seek a place of education for your child.

Choosing a College

Why choose Maranatha? My husband and I initially encouraged our children to come to Maranatha for specific reasons: godly leadership that maintains a strong doctrinal position, proper worldview, outstanding academics with top accreditation to prepare for their futures, small-college atmosphere much like a family, not an institution, more leadership opportunities, and the reputation of the university itself. I am thrilled where my children/grandchildren are today because of this decision.

Come Visit

You are encouraged to come for an on-campus visit! Here you will see the university in action. You can personally talk to those in Admissions, Registrar’s, Financial Aid, Online, and talk to professors. You can enjoy classes, athletic events, and fine arts productions.

Involvement of Parents

Preparing your child for college should begin as early as their freshman year of high school. During their junior and senior years, this decision should be well on the way to being made. Your part in this is vital. You as parents must do investigative work regarding colleges and universities. Your student needs to see the value and importance of attending a college or university where their scriptural position will not be compromised. During the senior year, I advise parents to pray with their students asking God to lead in this decision-making and to encourage them to begin praying for God’s clear leading for them. In opposition to the “world’s view” of choosing a college (what do I want to do with my life and where do I want to prepare for this), there needs to be an emphasis on what GOD wants me to do; where GOD wants me to train. God’s will is not difficult; He will not leave them stranded not knowing what He wants for them. Instead, He WILL direct them if they ask.

Transferring of Credits

Many students may begin taking college courses in high school. Before doing so, communicate with the Registrar’s Office to determine whether those college credits will transfer. Those courses should fit into the student’s major or minor of interest to avoid losing credits. If classes are already taken when applying to MBU, some credits may not be able to be transferred. A change in minor can facilitate the use of these credits.


Many scholarships are available including the following: Federal Grants and scholarships (fill out FAFSA) Academic Excellence Scholarship (high ACT scores), the Leadership Scholarship (check with your pastor to obtain), and various academic scholarships for specific majors. Don’t forget to use Google as a resource for private scholarships. They are an excellent way to pay for higher education.

On-campus Job Opportunities

On-campus job opportunities are listed on the MBU website. Complete the form; when they begin the hiring process (usually in August), you will be contacted.

Application Process

Students sometimes do not inform their parents of the timetable for the application process. The following is a brief order of this process: application; academic transcripts/test scores sent in; character references given out by parents (request is given for the prompt return of these); Pastor’s Scholarship returned; FAFSA completed; five forms completed; medical forms sent in after March 1; deposit made by April (can register for classes); MBU 101 completed in June (must be completed before coming to Jump Start in August.)

Parents, your input in this is so important. This decision will help determine “the rest of their lives.” Pray about it and ask God to give clear leading in this crucial decision of college choice for your most priceless possession.

Layna SteuerwaldLayna Steuerwald, Admissions Counselor for Parents

Layna has faithfully worked and taught at MBU for 30 years. She has had the pleasure of seeing her children and grandchildren attend MBU. She currently seeks to assist and guide parents as they navigate the admissions process with their children.