Room Leaders and Dorm Sups stand outside of Day Dorm

JumpStart 2020: What You Need to Know

On August 28, we will begin what we call JumpStart weekend. The weekend basically is as it sounds: giving new students a “jump start” into their first year at MBU. To do that, we do quite a few things over the course of a couple of days. Here is a quick overview of JumpStart weekend so you know what to expect.

Friday, August 28

On Friday, students start moving into their dorms in the morning. Moving all of your belongings will be easy because you will be assisted by the dorm leadership! On the girl’s side of campus, some of the fall sports teams take part of their morning to help out as well.

Either before or after you get all of your stuff into the dorms, you will have several registration things to complete. These are easy to complete and well-marked. Before the morning is up, you’ll just have to check in with the business office, financial aid, and class registration. You also want to stop by the gymnasium to get your student ID as you will be needing that frequently.

Depending on how fast you get your Friday morning tasks done, you will have a few hours to eat lunch and spend time on campus getting to know roommates. On Friday afternoon, there are several different sessions that are a big help in introducing you to many important MBU faculty and staff. You will be required to attend a general orientation session and an academic unit session before the afternoon is over.

After those sessions, you will have the remainder of the afternoon to do things like unpack your belongings, tryout out for music groups, get to know your teachers, and just get more comfortable on campus before classes start.

The last thing on Friday is a special new student event where you will get to meet the rest of the incoming students. You will also get to interact with some of the student leadership on campus during that event.

Saturday, August 29

After breakfast on Saturday, you head off to freshman testing. The freshman testing is administered in-house as a comparison to the senior testing we do at the end of your undergraduate degree with MBU. Saturday morning is also when ROTC leaders have their orientation meeting with freshmen.

The other fun part of Saturday is that, not only are new student activities going on, but alumni weekend activities are happening. There are several Sabercat scrimmages on campus during the day on Saturday that can be a great way to meet new people and get to know MBU campus life a little better.

Throughout the day on Saturday, there are a couple of new student activities that are put on by Maranatha to further acclimate you to campus, staff and faculty and each other.

Sunday, August 30

On Sunday, MBU invites students to spend the morning service time at a local church of their choosing. This can be a great time to find a church that you might attend for the semester or just a time to spend a little more time with family before school starts.

After the morning service time, there are several hours for lunch before you load up for your final new student activity. This activity is yet another time to form new friendships and relax before the classes start.

Monday, August 31

CLASSES START, SYLLABUS DAY, PANIC ENSUES…. just kidding. Monday is the first day of classes though, and the important thing to remember is that the whole weekend has been to prepare you for the semester. If you don’t learn anything from the weekend other than the faculty and staff are here to help, then it was a successful weekend.

JumpStart can help you as much as you let it. College is daunting, but it can be made so much easier by the relationships you form from day one.

Get out there and enjoy the weekend!