Louis Cucunato: Music Professional & Poncho Ninja

If you think Louis Cucunato is just another professional guitarist, think again. In a highly specialized field, he sets himself apart with not only his technical skill and original compositions, but also with his fun personality and commitment to the classics. His passion to delight an audience and preserve the art of classical music makes him a must-see performer.

A Pro’s Pro

Louis graduated with honors from UW Milwaukee, earning a full scholarship to complete a Performer Diploma and a master’s degree from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. While there, he also held a teaching position and played in the traveling guitar ensemble. Even in the world of classical guitar, Louis found ways to stand out. He strums the chords of his guitar in a way unlike anyone else, and trained ears can recognize his attack instantly.

Not only a performer, Louis is also an accomplished composer and arranger, with roughly seventeen works under his belt and several more on the way. Even more impressive, Louis loves to play his own compositions. Some concerts he only plays his own compositions.

His passion for music is unmistakable. Louis holds deep admiration for classical music – he loves to see it performed as the composer originally intended, something that happens all too rarely in his opinion. While he plays to entertain and enlighten the audience, he loves most to simply immerse himself in the music. It’s his method of choice to express his deepest emotions.

The Poncho Ninja

While Louis is certainly a brilliant musician, you’d have trouble finding a more relatable guy. As a rising musician in high school and college, Louis loved telling stories and making jokes during his concerts, both to lighten the mood and to entertain the crowd.

Fun fact: he’s also known as The Poncho Ninja, which was actually his gamer tag from his high school days. Now, it’s his social media handle, website title, and personal brand name. (If that doesn’t make him the coolest classical guitarist you know, I don’t know what will.) The Poncho Ninja signifies everything “cool” about Louis – his funny personality, his spunk to stand out, and his natural relevance in a generation of musicians.

Where They Unite

Louis’s personal mission in performing music is always to bring classical music to a place where everyone can enjoy it. And this is where the professional and The Poncho Ninja collide. No, he’s not telling jokes or stories during his performances anymore; it’s something much deeper than that. His passion for the classics reaches his desire to connect with all audiences, and what results is truly amazing to behold.

Louis is coming to Maranatha on Friday, September 27, at 5 p.m., where he will perform a balanced concert, with both classic selections and some of his original compositions – including his (almost) award-winning personal favorite, “Arabesque.”

Some people listen to music with academic interest, and others just like to lose themselves in a good song. Neither will be disappointed at this concert. We’ll see the professional side of Louis Cucunato on the 27th, but The Poncho Ninja will still linger in the background.

So are you a student of music? Come see a brilliant young musician, hear his personal strumming technique, and experience classical music as it was meant to be played.

Are you the average layperson with little knowledge of classical music? Come for a wonder-filled evening; come to be enlightened and entertained.

You’ll be lost in the pleasant strum of the guitar of Mr. Louis Cucunato.

And the most amazing part? There is no charge for admission! So plan to spend the evening of September 27 in musical magic. Go ahead! Put it on your calendar. September 27, 5:00 p.m. at Burckart Hall.

Also, check out this video for a quick glimpse of his talent… you will be blown away.