Senior Recital

Fall Senior Recital Highlights

Maranatha’s Music Department enjoyed many great performances this semester from students and guests making music in Burckart Hall! This semester four students gave their senior recitals and were met with great enthusiasm from their audiences. Christina Trowbridge and Dani Chaney both gave rousing performances in piano and voice. Joel Montgomery and Hannah Ostrander both organized and performed in arranging showcases that featured all pieces written or arranged by them.


Here are some highlights from these recitals.


Christina Trowbridge—Senior Piano

Here is Christina playing Shelly Hamilton’s energetic setting of “He Lives!”


Christina performs Mozart’s Sonata in D Major.

—Christina prepared her recital under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Brown.


Dani Chaney—Senior Voice

Dani Chaney

Dani sings a beautiful selection entitled “On My Own.”

accompanied by Raeanna Eastwood


As a Music Education Major, Dani rehearsed and conducted her very own recital choir. This is their performance of Dan Forrest’s “An Offering.”

accompanied by Raeanna Eastwood

—Dani’s recital was prepared under the direction of Dr. Dean Kurtz.


Joel Montgomery—Senior Arranging Showcase

Joel Montgomery

Joel’s recital featured Low Key Men’s Ensemble singing and arrangement of John Donne’s text called “Hymn to God the Father.”


Joseph Greene, Jamin Beachell, Matthew Holloway, and Joel Montgomery sing a comical tune about a Bible college graduate’s fear of alligators.

accompanied by Katie Gillespie

—Joel prepared his arrangements under the direction of Dr. David Ledgerwood.


Hannah Ostrander—Senior Arranging Showcase

Hannah’s recital choir sings her arrangement of “The Wondrous Love of Christ.”

accompanied by Hope Ostrander


Enjoy Hannah’s setting of “Gabriel’s Oboe” for two violins. In this performance, Hannah is joined by her sisters, Justine and Hope.

—Hannah’s recital was prepared under the direction of Dr. David Ledgerwood.