Raymond Steinbart Retiring

WATERTOWN, Wis., June 28, 2024—After twenty-two years of service at Maranatha Baptist University, Raymond Steinbart is retiring. Before joining Maranatha in 2002, Steinbart had retired from 24 years of active duty at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Reflecting on his transition, he shares, “Upon my retirement from the Army, the Lord opened up a position at Maranatha, fulfilling a desire to become involved in some sort of full-time Christian service.”

Originally hired as an Information Technology Office Help Desk worker, Steinbart’s role expanded as the university’s technological needs evolved and his skills proved in demand. When MBU began providing virtual classes in earnest in 2008, Steinbart stepped in as virtual Classroom Admin and teacher for the School of Applied Science.  His versatility and expertise played a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of MBU’s technological infrastructure, impacting the daily lives of students, faculty, and staff.

Beyond his technical responsibilities, Steinbart’s commitment to ministry and service have challenged both co-workers and students. He serves as deacon, treasurer, and junior church worker in his local church, celebrated his 49th wedding anniversary in May, and is grandfather to fourteen (almost fifteen). His integration of technology with ministry has inspired many students to consider innovative approaches to advance the mission of the church. One coworker in the IT office, Tanner Jotblad, says, “Mr. Steinbart has consistently emphasized potential avenues for ministry in his work, using examples of church applications for concepts in his classes and considering ways that new technology could be used to benefit ministry training and practice. He has demonstrated this emphasis personally as well, serving broadly in his church and helping with work overseas.” Jeremy Dennis, another coworker, admires Raymond’s diligence and dedication, noting his habit of going above and beyond by arriving early to check classroom equipment and staying late to complete projects. Undoubtedly, Mr. Steinbart’s unwavering faithfulness, demonstrated both at MBU and within the local church, has served as a model for servant leadership.

As Raymond Steinbart retires from MBU, his legacy of faithful service and cheerful dedication will be remembered. His impact, though often behind the scenes, has been profound, shaping the experiences of countless individuals at MBU. Although Mr. Steinbart is retiring from MBU, he will no doubt continue to serve the Lord in various other capacities within his church and community.