Thank you Mr. K

A Letter of Appreciation to Mr. K

Dear Mr. K,

The spring semester has finally come to a close. In many respects, the days following have held an ever-present feeling of change. Some of this change is welcome; some is more difficult to accept. Mr. K, my fellow students and I realize that this spring semester represents a change for the literary sphere on campus. You are retiring. While this does not mean you are completely gone from campus, it does mean that your presence here will change in a significant way.

It is this specific change that sparks the purpose of my letter. I believe that your time and investment here in the students of Maranatha is one of epic proportions, and such service demands praise of the highest degree. It is no small secret that you are admired, appreciated, and respected by your students. Here are just a few examples of the effect of your investment in our lives.

“If I had to use one word to describe Mr. K, it would be passionate. Mr. Kolwinska is always excited about what he is teaching. You can see that this is what he loves. His passion is evident […] both inside and outside of his classroom. Mr. K wants to see his students succeed and is willing to help them in any way he can.” -Madison Medina

“My favorite thing about Mr K’s teaching style is his openness. When a student answers a question in a way he didn’t expect, or brings out something he hadn’t thought of, he always considers it carefully and acknowledges the value of that student’s input. He makes each student feel that their feedback is not only valuable but special because of their unique perspective.” – Margaret McMenamin

“I love how Mr. K always encourages discussion and asks questions. He has such an amiable nature that class time never felt like work, but like a conversation with a friend that left you with more wisdom and knowledge than before. He never just tells you what you should believe or think. Rather, he encourages us as students to analyze literature in our own way and come to conclusions using not just the materials presented in class, but also by searching the Scriptures.” – Hannah Tesreau

To be honest, I could list page after page of similar quotes, all of which describe you as a thoughtful teacher, caring mentor, deep thinker, and loving friend to the student body of Maranatha. I am certain that if we went to every student you’ve impacted over your 26 years of service, the result would be a book rivaling the length of literature’s greatest epics, filled with stories detailing your impact on the future of the students you taught.

So, without further ado—thank you, Mr. K. Thank you for your appreciation of literature, and thank you for sharing that appreciation with us, your students. Thank you for opening our eyes to the depths of literary analysis, whilst reminding us of the importance of poetic beauty. Thank you for being the kind of teacher who was willing to answer hard questions and tackle difficult discussions. Thank you for using literature to deepen our spiritual maturity. Thank you for having a sense of humor (I would be remiss without mentioning your Kermit impression). Thank you for your understanding of our stage in life, while at the same time treating us with dignity and respect. Thank you for pushing us to be better, for challenging us to think deeper, and for teaching us to reach farther. In short, thank you for your love for the great work that you do.

A wise talking frog once said, “Changes happen as time passes by. Soon enough, you’ll be grown.” The time has passed, and the changes have come; but you have grown hundreds of students in a way that time will never change. For that, and so much more, we congratulate you.


One young student, and a thousand more