Classical Kids Concert 2023: In the Royal Court

Calvary Baptist Church recently hosted MBU’s 19th annual Classical Kids Concert. Maranatha performs this concert for children in the Watertown area to show them how fun listening to and performing classical music can be! Maranatha’s Symphonic Band and Chamber Strings performed the concert under the direction of Dr. David Brown and Ms. Melody Steinbart.

This year’s concert featured the theme “In the Royal Court” which was reflected through medieval-themed selections. Repertoire included classical pieces like Handel’s “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” as well as modern compositions such as Debney’s theme from the Princess Diaries. Interspersed throughout the concert, actors, actresses, and narrators engaged the audience with their entertaining dialogues.

A grandmother who brought her six grandchildren remarked, “I would like to thank them very much for the concert they put on today. My littles loved it. We sat along the back wall and watched them play. But the best part was when a student came up to my grandkids and demonstrated her flute.”

Along with their kids, parents loved attending the concert. Melissa Morken commented, “We enjoyed another Classical Kids concert today! This one was doubly sweet since both my daughters Allie and Anna Morken now play in the MBU band!”

Maranatha’s musicians always enjoy playing for the kids. Timo DeLeon explains, “Playing for children is always a joy because we get to be a part of getting them excited about music. We pique their curiosity about how music expresses the imagination and how all the sounds of the orchestra work together to create beautiful images and pictures.” Concertmaster Sarah Weiss shares Timo’s enthusiasm. Sarah reflects, “I love performing for kids because I have the opportunity to inspire them to pursue learning a musical instrument themselves. And they bring so much excitement and energy to the performance, which is what makes the Classical Kids Concert such a fun experience.”

Click here to see pictures from the concert.

Watch the full concert below.