#GIVINGTUESDAY is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. The focus of this “day” is to give individuals and companies an opportunity to give back to their communities, ministries, and other non-profit organizations.

For the fourth year, Maranatha Baptist University is participating in this event, seeking to raise funds to purchase vans for our athletic, music, and various other MBU traveling ministry teams.



The campaign’s hashtag, #MBUGOFURTHER exemplifies Maranatha’s pursuit of helping students to ‘go further.’ Students at Maranatha have a unique opportunity to utilize their gifts and abilities beyond the stages and fields at MBU.

At Maranatha, our fine arts choirs, groups, and teams travel to churches and Christian schools around Wisconsin and across the U.S. Fine arts students are encouraged and thankful for these opportunities.

Elisabeth Hettinga is a senior Biblical Counseling major, minoring in string pedagogy. She writes, “I have been in 41 different states with MBU teams which proves that our vehicles get used constantly and miles are added quickly. It would be a huge blessing to have a newer vehicle to travel in. I look forward to seeing how the Lord provides in this area!”

MBU Student-athletes are also no strangers to traveling long distances. Whether they are traveling to other schools for regular season games, or across the states to national tournaments, our athletes spend a good part of their season on the road.

Brandan Burckart, senior CPA major and soccer athlete, writes, “Like all the athletic, music, and other traveling groups, transportation is a vital part of making these trips possible, yet it may be the most forgotten element to the whole process. The ‘bus barn’ workers, drivers, etc. put in countless hours to make all of our trips possible. Our current campaign to purchase new vehicles would go a long way to continue to the mission of Maranatha. I am excited to see where this campaign will go to help the next generation of leaders.”

Our various athletic teams and fine arts groups are currently utilizing an aging fleet of 15-passenger vans to travel throughout the school year and summer months. To help Maranatha continue to provide the transportation needs for our students, we need your help!

How Can You Help?

Donating is easy, click HERE to help us reach our goal and see further details. Donation deadline is November 27, 2018.

It is Maranatha’s privilege to send our athletes to compete, and fine arts students to minister. Each of our students represents Maranatha wherever they go. Perhaps you have had the opportunity to travel while at MBU. Our purpose for the campaign is to continue providing safe, reliable, and comfortable means of transportation for our students.

Your donation directly impacts the lives of many students. Make the dollars count! JOIN US in supporting our students to reach further than ever before, ‘To the Praise of His Glory!’