2021 Scholarship Chapel

Ninety students gathered in Alumni Hall for the 2021 Scholarship Chapel on April 29 to receive privately funded scholarships. They were joined by Dr. Marriot and Dr. Davis, department heads, staff members, and several donors. 

Ninety-three scholarships totaling $140,850 were awarded to students in each of the seven departments. These scholarships have been established by individuals and families in memory of others or as a reminder of God’s blessing in their lives and their desire to use those benefits to support others.

Naomi Gauger, a Missions major, was awarded $3,000 through the Elbert M. Dean Memorial Scholarship. Gauger is working to plan a mission trip in the summer of 2022 to the Dominican Republic.  

“[The scholarship] will help a lot. Now, money that would have been devoted to my school bill will be put towards the mission trip,” Gauger shared. “I wasn’t expecting [this amount] and it was a nice surprise.”

From the Elmer F. Brown, Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship, two $5,000 scholarships were awarded; one to Lydia Bachorik and one to Joel Montgomery. 

Bachorik applied for the scholarship, but she doubted she would get it. “I was not expecting this specific scholarship and it’s a lot more than I was anticipating,” Bachorik shared.

Mrs. Helena Brown, Elmer Brown’s widow, shared, “It’s God’s money … being put to good use.”

The following is a list of Maranatha’s privately funded scholarships and the 2020-2021 scholarship award recipients.

Public Affairs Internship Scholarship

Jonathan Leber Memorial Scholarship

Westra Scholarship

Creative Writing Contest

Faith Christensen, Hannah Rogahn, Taylor Thome, Jacob Collings

Jeremy Robertson

Benjamin Mason, Katherine Rupert, Michael Carruthers, Jared Fopma

Chasey Pittsley, runner-up; Sophia Bauman, winner

Lewis and Mary Robinson Memorial Scholarship

Lee Jason Krueger Memorial Scholarship

Biblical Studies Honor Scholarship

Helen Steinhause Memorial Scholarship

Josiah Knight

Mattie Bumpus

Lauren Duncan, Barry Bradshaw

Kyle Elledge

Ruth Cole Memorial Scholarship

Elbert M. Dean Memorial Scholarship

Schlichting Family Memorial Scholarship

Stoltenberg Scholarship

Roselyn Andrews

Naomi Gauger

Caitrin Kemlo, Kayla Campbell, Shane Guerrero, Phillip Holbrook

Drew Smith, Jeremy Fopma

Psalm 78:4 Scholarship

Elmer F. Brown, Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship

Byers-Price Memorial Scholarship

Cedarholm Alumni Scholarship

Claire Green, Danielle Chaney

Lydia Bachorik, Joel Montgomery

Alexandra Gaul

Cheyenne Davis, Curtis Fink, Angel Steurewald

Fine Arts Music Scholarship

Kathleen Shelton Scholarship

Richard G. Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Ruth E. V. Hey Memorial Scholarship

Micah Risinger, Graceanne Starr

Lacey Hyden

Esther Bishop, Abigail Doyle, Abigail Hoffman, Lydia L’Heureux

Christina Reed

Johnson-Noland-Graham Nursing Scholarship

Richard G. Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Hope Pfieffer Memorial Scholarship

Robert Hanneman Memorial Scholarship

Veronica Fultz

Esther Bishop, Abigail Doyle, Abigail Hoffman, Lydia L’Heureux

Christina Trowbridge

Valentina Martinez

Farrington Family Memorial Scholarship

Christina Hargrove Memorial Scholarship

Camp Chetek Scholarship

Ovation Scholarship

Claire Green, Samantha Maese, Taylor Warner

Taylor Ellis, Esther Post, Elizabeth Delaney

Anne Ohman, Ashley Brungard, Danielle Searle, Gabriel Brower, Isaac Mitchell, Jacob Newman, James Schehr, Joseph Ohman, Mallory Willette, Michal Wagner, Niah Inghram, Sarah Chapman, Tessa Cregan, Apryl Brown, Colin O’Bryon, David Hecker, Hannah Hecker, Jacob Mitchell, Jacob Ohman, Jedidiah Mayhak, Lauren Harrison, Mei Mei Liu, Naomi Gauger, Gabrielle Torres, Timothy Butler

Abigail Banks, Elizabeth Post

Jude 22 Scholarship

Russell Family Memorial Scholarship

Jackson Education Scholarship

Doc & Marilyn Hilsen Weniger Memorial Scholarship

Hung Ha, Krysten Lawver

Lexus Steffel, Caleb Friske, Stephanie Tellock, Gabrielle Torres

Sarah Moore, Samuel Folkman

Benjamin Clore, Seth Leuthold, Hannah Hecker, Esther Ring, Kenneth Hedrick, Sarah Ring, Jonathan Shetter

Basso Family Scholarship

Emily Ballard, Malia Bullock