2022 Nurse Pinning Ceremony

The 2022 Nursing Class gathered with family and friends in the Maranatha gymnasium on Thursday, May 5, for the culmination of their undergraduate nursing program: the Nurse Pinning ceremony. This ceremony carries significance in the career of a nurse as it is the initiation to the brotherhood and sisterhood of the nursing profession. Each facet in the order of events has historical, traditional significance.  

The modern ceremony dates to the 1860s when Florence Nightingale was awarded the Red Cross by Queen Victoria. Florence Nightingale started the tradition in her nursing school of awarding medals of excellence to her brightest students. Today, pins are given to each graduate commemorating their entrance into the nursing profession. 

The 2022 graduates from the Maranatha Baptist University School of Nursing are as follows: 

  • Tierney Bosnyak 
  • Hannah Evans 
  • Hung Ha 
  • Emily Haynie 
  • Lacey Hyden 
  • Alyssa Jessee 
  • Noah Kilps 
  • Krysten Lawver 
  • Joanna Schlagel 
  • Elizabeth Sopata 
  • Lexus Steffel 
  • Emily Tellock 
  • Stephanie Tellock 
  • Erica Ureke 

         Opening of the Ceremony 

        Mrs. Susan Rasmussen, Director of the School of Nursing, opened the pinning ceremony, introducing the Nursing professors and recognizing the important role they play in the training of the graduate candidates.  

        Following Rasmussen’s opening remarks, Dr. David Brown, Professor in the Music Department, sang “Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord”.  

        A Charge from Dr. Steven Love 

        Dr. Steven Love, a professor in the College of Bible & Church Ministries and Maranatha Baptist Seminary, followed the special music with a charge to the graduates.  

        Love spoke from Psalm 142 where David is crying out to the Lord that no one cares for his soul. “God has granted you an awareness for the needs of the soul,” Love said, reminding the graduate candidates that they had been trained to care for the body and for the soul. “Purpose to remember to care for more than just the body,” he challenged them. 

        Florence Nightingale Best Bedside Nurse Award 

        Rasmussen then presented the Florence Nightingale Best Bedside Nurse Award. Each year, this award is given by Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sutherland to a graduate who intends to serve the Lord through nursing. 

        The recipient is one who “demonstrates consistent, outstanding bedside manner, displays godly character, and has a high academic achievement” in classes. 

        This year’s Florence Nightingale Best Bedside Nurse Award was presented to graduating senior Joanna Schlagel. Schlagel was described by her classmates as “a constant encouragement” and someone who “consistently displays Christ-likeness”. Throughout her senior year, Schlagel came to the deeper understanding that her patients were made in God’s image. “I am caring for God’s most prized creation,” she stated. 

        Nurses’ Pinning and the Florence Nightingale Pledge 

        Following this presentation, each of the 14 graduates received a nurse pin that was pinned onto his or her coat by a family member. Some were pinned by their mother, some by their father, while others were pinned by a grandparent or other family member that played a role in their life. Each newly pinned graduate then lit a candle and stood with the others as they recited the Nightingale Pledge together, promising to “do all in [their] power to maintain and elevate the standard of [their] profession” and to be “devoted toward the welfare of those committed to [their] care.” 


        Dr. William Licht, Vice President for Academic Affairs, then offered a prayer of dedication. Rasmussen closed the ceremony with a final congratulation to the Maranatha Baptist University’s Nursing Class of 2022. 

        Watch the recording of the ceremony. View photos.