An Enjoyable Day | MBU Golf Classic

It has been two weeks since Maranatha hosted the 23rd Annual Golf Classic at the Watertown Country Club on June 10, 2022. The sunny day was filled with good golf, better food, and excellent fellowship. From 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. golfers arrived, checked in, warmed up on the putting green, and meandered their way to the golf carts. After a shotgun start, 70 golf carts sped off to find their starting hole and begin a wonderful day.

The Golf Classic is a fundraiser for the Watertown Endowment and is sponsored by many local Watertown businesses. Many businesses not only financially fund the classic or donate a prize but send one or two teams of four. These local businesses enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community, to Maranatha, to connect with other Watertown businesses, and to spend the day on a beautiful course with each other.

Why Sponsor the Golf Classic?

What is the value of the Golf Classic to a sponsor? Some bring teams and see it as an opportunity to build camaraderie with their employees. Some utilize the event to network and get to know other business owners in Watertown.

Joshua Patterson, Vice President – Market Manager, at Bank First shared, “This is a fantastic way to get involved with an excellent University.  The MBU Golf Classic gives everyone the ability to meet and network with others.”

But everyone agrees that the real value is being able to give back to Maranatha. Patterson continues, “We are proud to have such a great asset as Maranatha University as a part of the Watertown community.  They give back to so many people and organizations that we are gracious in being able to help get involved.”

Dr. Harry Gibson, a long-standing member of the Watertown community and retired dentist from Area Dental Clinic, stated, “I think sponsorship of the MBU golf classic is a very satisfying and valuable undertaking because support for a local educational facility whose sole purpose is to prepare their students for ministry is very beneficial to the local community and the advancement of God’s kingdom.”

“MBU and Pizza Ranch have so much in common we feel that the partnership with MBU creates many positive opportunities,” Bob Rehm, owner of the Watertown Pizza Ranch, expounded.

Larry Clinton of American Church Group had one word to describe the value of sponsoring the Golf Classic: “Priceless.” He continued, “It’s a small way to give back to MBU to further their mission.”

An Enjoyable Day

140 players worked their way through the course finding pleasure in each other’s company, the weather, and food stations along the course that served brats, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, hamburgers, and grilled chicken sandwiches.

When asked what the most enjoyable aspect of the day was, many commented on the fellowship and the food.

“The most enjoyable aspect is the ability to visit, share stories, and have a great time, knowing this is all going for a terrific cause. No matter what kind of golf ability you have, it is just enjoyable to golf and be able to converse with a number of different people and businesses.” – Joshua Patterson

“The fellowship with all the participants and the friendships developed is most enjoyable. It’s a great event and lot of fun is had by everyone.  Plus, the money raised is for a wonderful university.” – Bob Rehm

“I enjoy the fellowship and competition with the participants, but the food stations are a close second. Whenever my schedule allows, I plan on being part of this most enjoyable annual event.” – Dr. Gibson

“Be able to see friends, laugh, and enjoy the little things in life. Can you think of a better way to spend 4 hours on God’s green pasture chasing around a little white ball?” – Larry Clinton

Final Results

The 23rd Annual Golf Classic ended with two teams tied at 25 below par (45). The winner was determined by comparing the first three highest handicap holes. The winning team was Darrell and Bryce Beernink, Jim Harrison, and Andrew Dunn. The other team to tie for first place was Mitchell and Michael Allen, Jack Nortman, and Kim Chose.

Father-son foursome Randy and Tyler Arbogast and Tim and Stephen Berlin came in third place with a score of -24.

The fourth-place team scored a -21 and was comprised of Brian England, Greg Halpin, Brian Messer, and Ryan Hazard.

For more information about sponsoring or playing in the 2023 Golf Classic, scheduled for June 12 at the Watertown Country Club, email the Development Office or call 920.206.2325.

Thanks to the generous registrants, sponsors, and donors (see list below), $28,253 was raised prior to the event and an additional $7,600 was raised the day of the event.


Diamond Sponsors

Jackson-Dawson Communications

Donald & Teri Barnes


Vest Sponsor

Ixonia Bank

Shoe Bag Sponsor


Platinum Sponsors

Camp Chetek

Convenience Store Technologies

Gold Sponsors

American Church Group

Associated Bank

Bank First

Michael Dean II with Northwestern Mutual

Remodel Health

Zach Mortimer with State Farm

Watertown YMCA

Silver Sponsors

Avoca Bible Church

Ministry CPA

Pizza Ranch

Family Dental Practice

Oliver Construction

Pioneer College Caterers

Special Sponsor

Deerfield Properties

Hole-in-One Sponsor

Holz Motors

Prize Donors

Advanced Family Dentistry

Archie Monuments

Berres Brothers

Blain’s Farm and Fleet

Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.

Chicago Bears

Draeger’s Floral

Ebert’s Greenhouse Village

Family Dental Practice


Kayser Chrysler Center

Literatus & Co.


Minnesota Vikings

Paganica Golf Course


Pioneer College Caterers




Tonn Pest Control


Watertown Aviation

Watertown Country Club

Watertown Memorial Co.

WDS Construction

Zuern Building Products