Humanities Students are ready to lead

Humanities Graduates | Ready to Lead

The Humanities department at MBU is dedicated to developing leaders that know the culture and share the truth. The seniors highlighted here, and their classmates, are equipped for leadership in a variety of fields. W can’t wait to see how they go out and influence the world. 

Lauren Stoner

Lauren came to Maranatha from Millersburg, PA ready to get involved. Throughout her college career, she was active in society leadership, choir, and local church ministry. These opportunities allowed her to gain leadership and professional experience. She’s excited to carry both with her in the future.  She says, “I learned being a leader is so much more than simply leading. MBU taught me to be a leader in the big things and the little things.” 

Balancing school requirements and various leadership roles wasn’t always easy for Lauren. However, she says, “Even when I wasn’t sure where that time came from, God always worked out my schedule to help me manage my time and get everything done by the time it was required.” 

Lauren advises younger students considering the Humanities to take internship opportunities as a chance to put classroom knowledge to practical use. “Even if you aren’t sure what you want to do, find someone and talk to him or her about internship opportunities,” she says.  

After graduation, Lauren will work in the administrative office of her local public high school. “I am excited to begin my career there and see how God will open up opportunities for me.” 

Hannah Tesreau 

Hannah’s college years presented many academic, financial, and physical challenges. But the guidance and support of divinely placed influences helped her persevere.  

“Through my various challenges at school, I learned that God’s plans are vastly better than mine. The times I was unsure if I would financially be able to make it, God provided money in unexpected ways. As I experienced severe health issues, God gave me time to rest and gracious teachers who helped with assignments. When my schedule did not fall into place as I wanted it to, I learned that God was giving me extra time to build relationships with people. Every single time I thought my plans and expectations were set, God always changed them and gave me something better. I have learned that my God does not just meet expectations, but He exceeds them.” 

Through it all, Hannah also learned that one never really stops learning. “The work does not stop when you step outside the classroom. The world changes every single day and culture holds immense power and it is my responsibility to continue to learn. Learning does not stop once the classes end. Rather, graduating means I am presented with even more opportunities to know the culture and share the truth of the Gospel.” 

Hannah is currently applying for theatre related jobs in the Milwaukee area and she looks forward to pursuing her Master’s in a fine arts field in the future. She is also getting married this fall.  

“I have loved every minute of learning about art, people, history, and language, and what I can do to influence the culture for Christ.” 

Joseph Runkle 

Hailing from Lake Summerset, Illinois, Joe is a bright light on the MBU campus. His time in the Humanities department taught him many things, but he summarizes them all saying, “MBU has taught me to always have God’s Word as the foundation for one’s thinking in all subjects and as the lens through which one sees and analyzes all things.” 

Joe has a passion to be a Christian intellectual and to “bring the voice of the Biblical worldview to bear on all subjects and all areas of life.” He is a writer at heart and hopes to impact the world for God’s glory through his Christian works. “I want with all my heart to impact the world for His Kingdom and His glory.” 

“I would tell new Humanities students to simply trust and obey God’s Word in whatever situation God has placed them in. Only in doing that, as the hymn says, will they experience true satisfaction and true joy.”