JumpStart 2023 | What You Can Expect

Friday, August 25, is your first official day on campus. Are you ready?

OK, so you have a few nerves. That’s ok, expected even. But we can help with that by giving you a sneak peek into the first few days on campus.

Friday – What’s first?

You arrive on campus Friday morning, and your first stop is the gymnasium. You can probably see a line of other students who have already gathered. You will also see numerous faculty, staff, and current students directing you there.

You walk into the gymnasium there is a buzz of energy – lots of blue and gold and smiling faces. You will be directed to a friendly, MBU staff member who will help you through the registration process. You’ll get a packet that has your dorm assignment, class schedule, a few helpful documents (your parents will probably want them), and a new student gift. From there, you will have the opportunity to touch base with the music department if you’re interested in auditions for choir or to talk to the business office regarding any tuition and payment questions. The nurse will also be available for any questions or concerns. And of course, it will be time to create your new ID as a Maranatha student, so make sure you have a photo ID with you.

Did I mention there will be coffee and snacks? It’s the perfect way to start the day! 😉

Now that you’re all checked in, the next stop is your dorm. At the check-in registration, you received your dorm assignment now you’re heading in to meet your new roommates –well, some of them. The rest will get here throughout the weekend. Don’t worry about needing people to help you move in. We have a team ready for you. Get all settled into the dorm, and then it’s lunchtime. Bring your family along for a delicious meal in the Dining Complex. Take a breather – your day isn’t over yet.

What’s next? Welcome meetings. This is a great time for you to be introduced to some of the leadership of Maranatha and for them to share a little bit of how they can help you in your first school year. You also get to meet your academic advisor and the department chair for your program. You will get a glimpse of your class options and what your program will be like over the next few years.

The afternoon is a little bit more flexible. You can finish any tasks that you still have – like getting your room all set or finishing anything left on your packet checklist. If you’re interested in music like choir or band, now is the time to audition. Otherwise, the afternoon is pretty flexible. Maybe you’ll take some time to explore Watertown. Be sure to grab dinner early that evening. There will be an alumni dinner later in the evening, so make sure you eat in the Dining Complex before 5:15 PM.

You have a new student event that evening for a chance to get to know other new students. The rest of the evening you can hang out at the Café, in the student center, or in the dorms, and get to know fellow classmates, your RA, or your dorm supervisor. Relax for your first night in the dorms. 

Saturday – First Full Day

Alright, now it’s Saturday, your first full day here. There are several activities taking place like the alumni scrimmage games. Our alumni will compete against the collegiate women’s volleyball team, women’s soccer team, and men’s soccer team. You will have a required event in between all of that. Be sure to keep track of your schedule so you don’t miss anything!

And then, you have another new student activity taking place in the evening in the gym. If you find any free time during the day, you may want to consider exploring town or even finding where all your classes are to avoid the hassle on Monday!

Sunday – Church and Picnic

On Sunday, you choose a church you would like to visit. The few local churches in the area would be happy to have you come on your first Sunday here. Calvary Baptist Church, off Milford Street, will also provide transportation if you don’t have a car. They’ll pick you up in front of the Dining Complex right after breakfast.

Fellowship Baptist welcomes new students to visit, and it isn’t far from campus either. You can always ask your roommates if they have any suggestions of where you should visit on your first Sunday. Make sure to stay close to campus so you are back for lunch and an event taking place off campus for most of the afternoon.

Once back on campus for the evening, it will get even busier as all the other students return and preparations for Monday begin. First day of classes, here we go!

Keep in mind as you go about each day — it’s totally OK if you don’t know what’s going on. We have helpful people along the way: stop at the Welcome Center and ask for help there, or perhaps you can ask a room leader or a resident assistant. This first weekend is a great opportunity to meet a few friends, friends you may have all semester! Jumpstart Weekend will be a helpful first weekend as you learn about the campus and adapt to your new life as a Maranatha student. See you soon!