Leaders for Business

Leaders for Business

Graduation looked different for many colleges throughout America this year. But this does not take away from the opportunities, experiences, or lessons that the class of 2020 had. As they graduate from MBU, some of the senior business students remark on their experiences throughout their college careers.

Sydney Rice

While at MBU, Sydney Rice was heavily involved in ministry at Calvary Baptist Church. “Take every opportunity you can to work for or learn lessons from small business owners within the church you attend,” she says. Connecting with others and building lasting relationships from her time at MBU has left Sydney excited to see what God has in store for her as she pursues her career.

Emma Hadley

Originally from Owosso, Michigan, Emma Hadley graduates with plans for a job in marketing and eventually wedding planning. One of the greatest lessons Emma learned at Maranatha was “trusting that the Lord has a plan even when I could not see which path to take.” Emma encourages future business students to go out of their comfort zones and to enjoy every opportunity in sight.

Luke Holloway

Teamwork. Luke Holloway will be using this skill and many others as he works as a Market Analyst at Wausau Supply Co. While at MBU, Luke also learned the following: “Don’t focus on the negatives. In life, not just at MBU, there are going to be things that you do not like or do not agree with.” Instead, he learned to trust in God’s plan and in God’s timing.

Ianna Lam

By pursuing opportunities on the mission field, Ianna Lam was able to see God guiding her through her experience at Maranatha with the Dual Enrollment Program. Relationships and growth have shown Ianna that she “can be an effective leader.” Through her classes at MBU, Ianna saw how biblical principles apply directly to the business world and how she can use those principles on a daily basis in any business workplace.

Abby Thomas

Serving as the president of her society and team leader for her senior capstone project has shown Abby Thomas that “followers lead the best when their leader sets the example.” MBU has given Abby an invaluable experience that has shaped and prepared her for her career in accounting. Abby is grateful for the priceless education and experiences that Maranatha has provided for her.

Michaela Abernathy

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and energy,” says Michaela Abernathy as she graduates with her Accounting CPA degree. For her, life at Maranatha was filled with opportunities to learn from hypothetical and real-life issues in the classroom. As Michaela leaves MBU, she will always remember the impact of her friends, professors, and other mentors on her life.

Andrew Mayo

With a focus on digital media, Andrew Mayo says that MBU has best prepared him for future employment. “I have gained a much stronger appreciation for the way in which information or emotion can be communicated through the written word and through other types of visual media.” Andrew graduates confident that his time and experience at MBU have taught him what it really means to be a servant leader.

Garrett Gleason

Garrett Gleason graduates with a job at an accounting firm in Indianapolis. He recounts that “countless hours were poured into my development by all my professors, and I don’t think I’ll ever truly realize all they’ve done for me.” Through his experience at MBU, Garrett learned the importance of honoring and glorifying God which shaped him into the businessman he is today.

Eldiiar Amankulov

“I asked God to put me on the team with my friends, but more importantly I asked God to put me where His will is.” Eldiiar plans to find a job in accounting after graduation and looks forward to applying the lessons he learned during his senior capstone project. While at MBU, he understood the importance of trusting the plan that God has chosen for him.

Congratulations to all our graduating Business seniors. Now, Go, Serve, and Lead in the workplace and field that God has called you to.