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New Licensure Options | Master of Arts in Teaching

Great teachers inspire the next generation and impact eternity. MBU’s Master of Arts in Teaching is an opportunity for career changers and experienced teachers to pursue their dreams and advance their careers. Graduates can step into the classroom—state-licensed and well prepared to lead and motivate students.  

In this two-year online program, MAT program students complete an intensive sequence of courses with training in educational theory, practical skill development, and fieldwork. The program includes a full-semester of full-day student teaching experience. However, three or more years of teaching experience may satisfy fieldwork requirements and help experienced teachers complete the program and earn a license in less time.

“MBU’s MAT program qualifies aspiring teachers to fulfill their calling through a unique online pathway that combines content-specific coursework and classroom fieldwork experience,” Dana Davis, Assistant Vice President of Online and Distance Learning, shares. “People from all walks of life are choosing MBU’s MAT program because of its Christ-centered focus, commitment to excellence, and affordability.”

Upon completion of the program, students will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching with certification to teach in their specified subject areas: 

  • Elementary (K-12)
  • Broad Field Language Arts (4-12)
  • Broad Field Science (4-12)
  • Broad Field Social Studies (4-12)
  • Mathematics (4-12) (available soon)

If you’re interested in this new program, contact the Office of Online and Distance Learning (online@mbu.edu) for more information about admissions requirements and how you can get started today!