using science to serve

Using Science to Serve

Another school year has come and gone. And although this year may have come like any other, it has gone like no other in history. But that does not mean that this years’ graduates have accomplished any less.

They have overcome. And if this last few months has taught us anything, it is the value of those who work in the science fields. MBU Applied Science Majors are ready to join those ranks. They dedicated themselves to leadership development, and now it is time to celebrate their accomplishments and their future.

Tyler Nelson

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, Tyler entered college with an excitement surrounding medicine and the sciences. He really wanted to put the applied into applied science. During his classes, the content sparked a true love for physical therapy in particular, and he knew that this was what he was meant to do.

Four years later, he moves on from Maranatha with hours of studying the world God created and wanting to learn it on a deeper level. He has seen science intersect with his walk with God and through coaches and teammates, he has seen the necessity to grow more in love with Christ. Tyler plans to pursue his doctorate in Physical Therapy at Western Carolina University this fall.

Daniel Tellock

Minnesota native Daniel Tellock had a natural affinity for science, especially biology. God used science in Daniel’s life to unlock the wonders of who his God is. He was able to see the God of the Bible as the God of this world, and specifically, the God of Daniel’s world. God displayed His provision towards Daniel by providing finically in many ways throughout the four years.

As Daniel saw God in creation and his bank account, he also got to serve Him in the local church. Daniel had the privilege of leading the Kids 4 Truth ministry at his local church and now takes his love for God and passion for science to the next level for impacting others. This fall Daniel will be working towards his Doctorate of Pharmacy at Cedarville University. 

Jessica Ureke

Jessica was surrounded by loved ones who used science to help those in need. They inspired her to do the same. As she heard the stories of family healthcare workers, God began to grow her desire to study Himself in the world of science. Between leadership roles in the dorm, at her extension church, and on the volleyball court, Jessica will enter the workforce with more than scientific expertise.

She knows how to influence and lead others around her because she has experienced God’s faithful love through her peer relationships, her church family, and her coaches. She will continue to walk with her God as she plans to work as a Physical Therapy Technician and earn a graduate degree in Physical Therapy.

Nick Hobson

Nick has experienced the power of discipleship firsthand. The relationships he has with his teachers propelled him to gain not only better understanding of the world, but also his God. He saw God provide money when it is needed, and the strength when it is depleted.

Again and again, God is evident in the science field, and Nick saw the importance of helping a lost world understand why the Bible does not contradict science. The Lord has called him into this field and he plans to steward that gift as best as possible. After he graduates, he plans to get married and then pursue his doctorate in Optometry.

Nicolas Bergum

Nic is a picture of a man who has let the Lord direct his life. With a wife and four children, he felt God calling him into the medical profession. After much prayer, he and his wife decided that regardless of the obstacles, God wanted him to pursue his medical degree. So he obeyed.

Throughout his degree, Nic saw the faithfulness of God as He strengthened him through full-time work, full-time parenting, full-time husbanding, and full-time schooling. His life looked different than every other on-campus student, and yet he faithfully accepted the challenges and pursued what God called him to do. He excitedly emerges from commencement committed to now pursue medical school to complete God’s mission for him and his family.

Future Leaders in Science

Science is a beautiful thing. It is one way that we can see our God’s creativity and complexity. These graduates are passionate about using that field to meet the needs of others through understanding and applying what God has created. We are excited to see what God does through these young leaders!