2020 Band Tour – Leadership, Ministry, and Music

Maranatha Baptist University recently held its annual Symphonic Band Tour. Each day over the course of a week, the band traveled to various area schools and churches. Touring creates excitement within the band—a culmination of their early-morning rehearsals all semester. More importantly, though, band tour offers students new opportunities in leadership, ministry, and music.


Dr. David Brown, the band’s conductor, gives band members leadership roles such as president, vice president, librarian, and student conductors. These roles provide stretching experiences for students to grow as leaders.  “Leadership is caught more than taught,” Dr. Brown reflects. “Band members learn leadership skills ‘on the job’ as they work closely with me during rehearsals and behind the scenes planning and strategizing for upcoming rehearsals, performances, and tours. I’m preparing the next generation to lead their own music groups when they graduate.”


MBU students look most forward to the ministry aspect of tour. Dr. Brown says, “What people hear about our ministry tours is true! Doing ministry together for a week as a band is amazing!” Traveling on band tour gives students the unique opportunity to minister to churches alongside classmates who love music and have a desire to serve God. “I have been able to serve not only my fellow band members, but also people in churches,” comments percussionist Nathan Bixby. “There have been many new opportunities on tour to express care for those whom I work with regularly.”


Band Tour also includes many musical opportunities that some students may not normally have. Being on band tour encourages musicians to become more adept at playing music in group settings and broadens their perspective on the scope of musical preparation and in a ministry context. Katie Gillespie remarks, “Band tour has grown me as a musician by teaching me the importance of playing with an awareness of other musicians performing as a unified band rather than as a group of soloists.” 

Symphonic Band members treasure the many memories made and friendships formed while making music and serving the Lord together.