Guest Performers Inspire MBU Musicians

The 414 String Quartet, Philip Gingery, and Louis Cucunato – marvelous musicians, brilliant performers, and wonderful inspirations influencing the next generation. Students at Maranatha have the amazing opportunity to hear musicians like these perform guest recitals. These concerts are not only a chance for talented musicians to showcase their skills, but also a chance for the people of Maranatha to find inspiration from a professional.

414 Quartet: Strings

The 414 String Quartet, led by MBU orchestra director Lewis Rosove, came to Maranatha on Monday, September 9. They held the audience captive with amazing performances of Beethoven and Schubert. In particular, Peter Holloway, a senior music major, was blown away by the chemistry of the quartet. “It was a pleasure to watch the conversation they carried on with each other through the music,” he said. “I was inspired by both the hard work they obviously put into preparing the recital repertoire and by the passion with which they performed.” Caelyn Meier, a freshman music major, agreed, saying, “The enthusiasm of the players made it so much fun to watch.” Guest recitals aren’t only academically beneficial, they are genuinely enjoyable.

Philip Gingery: Voice

On Friday, September 13, Dr. Philip Gingery and his sister, Christa Gingery Habegger, presented, “Songs my Father Taught Me,” a tribute to the late Dr. Gail Gingery. Gingery beamed thinking of his dear father and performed a marvelous classical voice concert. The astounding first tenor held the crowd captive with heartfelt songs, ranging from pining lover’s tunes to fiery calls for judgment.

MBU Associate Professor Carol Ruffin said, “Through the pieces he chose to sing, Phil revealed the artistic influence his father had on him from his earliest years as a singer on through his maturation as a seasoned classical performer. Having studied voice with Dr. Gail Gingery myself, I was able to reflect on and thank God for the influence Phil’s dad had on me as well!​” Gingery’s recital made an impact on Maranatha’s students as well. Voice major Justin Bachmann said that he left the recital especially inspired to pursue excellence in his vocal training. 

Louis Cucunato: Classical Guitar

Professional guitarist Louis Cucunato played refined classical selections and impressive personal compositions at his guest recital on the 27th of September. Cucunato, who also teaches lessons at MBU, played such impressive pieces he left everyone speechless. Jefferson Rupert said, “This is one thing I really love about Maranatha, all the amazing music we get to experience.” The audience loved his original compositions, especially Arabesque, Cucunato’s personal favorite. The audience truly felt privileged to experience Mr. Cucunato’s recital.


Why does Maranatha host recitals? Why encourage students to attend? First, for music students the benefits are many. A music major can observe a professional in person and interact face to face. Hearing amazing performances from their own instruments can also be a great inspiration. According to Dr. Ledgerwood, attending recitals of many different instruments is a must. He says, “It is vital that music students hear recitals on many different instruments. This broadens knowledge and understanding of each instrument and gives the opportunity for the student to hear first-hand significant repertoire.” We can safely conclude guest recitals serve a purpose for Maranatha’s music students

While the reasons for music majors to hear guest recitals certainly are numerous, non-music students also benefit from attending. Being exposed to musical culture and eye-opening performances grows anyone’s appreciation for musical art and the gift of music. Everyone should take the opportunity to experience a guest recital.