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BIBC 233 – Modern Creationary Thought

A survey of the scientific and biblical evidence which supports creationism, including a critique of evolution and discussions of escriptions catastrophism versus unitarianism and of the young age of the earth versus an ancient earth. Prerequisites: BIBI 111 and BIBI...

CHMI 479 – History of Baptist Missions

A survey of the history of the geographical expansion of Christianity. The project will focus on the last two centuries of Protestant missions, with special attention given to Baptist missionaries and mission agencies. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior status (3...

BIPH 330 – Introduction to Philosophy

Orientation to the field of philosophy, emphasizing a basic vocabulary relative to philosophy and an introduction to basic logical theory. Some of the problems which have engaged the minds of philosophers and the solutions which they have offered will be introduced....

BIPH 433 – Apologetics

A study of the defense and validity of the Christian theistic world view (apologetics), including its biblical base, and an evaluation of and appropriate responses to major arguments set forth by opponents to Christianity. Prerequisite: BIPH330 (2 credits)