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A Unique Opportunity | Maranatha Baptist Bible Institute

In the 2019 fall semester, MBU opened its newest academic program — Maranatha Baptist Bible InstituteMBBI offers one- and two-year programs involving a wide variety for Bible classes, including New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, and Bible Doctrine (four semesters each); Apologetics; Baptist Distinctives; Writing for the Workplace and Ministry; and many more. Students who complete two semesters receive a diploma, while students who complete all four semesters receive a Bible and Church Ministries certificate and have the opportunity to walk with the seniors at commencement. In addition, students who complete all four semesters will have covered the Bible core for any four-year MBU program. 

A Non-Traditional Path

You may ask, why a Bible institute? Why offer a new Bible certificate with classes exclusive to the institute? MBBI is unique in multiple ways and appeals to a variety of students.

First, if high school graduates want to try out college to see if it’s “for them” while receiving fantastic Bible education along the way, MBBI is a great option. The slower pace and cheaper price tag (compared to university classesmake this program quite appealing to freshmen. 

Second, MBBI is attractive to high school graduates who aren’t interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree but want to take Bible classes and experience “college life.” MBBI students can take part in anything offered on-campus — music, drama, societies, intramural sports, work opportunities, and even university classes — with the sole exception of NCCAA sports. 

Third, MBBI is a great option for individuals who want to take Bible classes for personal enrichment or to gain a biblical foundation before heading into the workforce. Because MBBI is designed to move at a slower pace (which means most classes require less testing and memorization), the teachers are able to cover much more information and in much more depth than regular university classes — but with less pressure on the students. This makes the classes appealing to a wide variety of individuals. 

A New Opportunity

I personally fall partly under the second category and partly the third. Prior to starting at MBBI, had already earned a bachelor’s degree, and I felt settled in my church, job, and life. When I heard Maranatha was opening a Bible institute, I thought the idea was great, but I didn’t think it was for me. I had no desire to go back to school. But when I looked into the program further, I started to reevaluate. I’d always wanted to take Bible classes, and since I had earned my bachelor’s exclusively through online classes, I’d never experienced college campus life. I realized MBBI was the perfect fit for me. 

As part of MBBI’s first class, I honestly expected that we would run into issues. But I’m happy to say that the entire operation was overall very smooth. Even the coronavirus has done little to halt MBBI — an enormous accomplishment on the part of the teachers, as MBBI is strictly designed for on-campus learning. 

Do you want to try out a non-traditional college route while gaining invaluable Bible training? MBBI might just be for you.