Madrigal Tour learning leadership on the road

Leadership on Madrigal Tour

 “Serve with the heart of Him whose heart is lowly…”

I just returned from a traveling choir tour across Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin. Madrigal Tour included about twelve services in churches and schools and many unforgettable memories.

Madrigal Tour Impact

One of the most memorable experiences of tour for me was getting to help the handbell choir at Woodcrest Baptist Academy in Fridley, Minnesota. A few other Madrigal members and I were able to play with the high school handbell choir and help them with their pieces. I will never forget the joy on those students’ faces.

Reflecting on this week, I see the impact that Madrigal has had on my college experience. I was involved in every music group available in high school and looked for those same opportunities when I applied for college.having fun on Madrigal Tour

When I found out that I was accepted into Madrigal, I was beyond excited. I toured a few times in high school with my choir, but I knew that traveling for Maranatha would provide many new experiences. Being in the choir has allowed me to develop a well-rounded college involvement outside the classroom setting.

Opportunities Outside the Classroom

As a Digital Media Marketing major, I enjoy my digital media classes that help me develop creativity and passion for design. Similar to my degree, choir has allowed me to be directly involved in Maranatha’s mission and goals to go with purpose, serve with passion, and lead with integrity.

My purpose is to expand on the skills and talents that God has given me while serving Him. My love for creativity started in the Digital Media Marketing classroom, and it has spread to opportunities to share music.  I was able to see God use my talents every day on tour to impact all the schools and churches through music.

Passion for Ministry

Music ministry is one of my passions. And through it, I found a passion for people. Madrigal tour showed me the value and meaning of ministry. We were able to serve each other as choir members every day on the bus, serve those who attended the services, and serve the people who hosted us every night.

passion for ministry on madrigal tour

It takes a lot of dedication and patience to spend eight days with the same people. Tour takes a lot of energy. But it’s one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had while in college.

Leadership in Practice

Being the Vice President of choir, I was able to put leading with integrity into practice every day. Dr. Brown works to make sure that every Madrigal member feels valued. I saw 42 people from all different majors come together to fill the various roles needed. Honestly, I could not have asked for a better group to serve with this year.

I would recommend joining a music group to any current or future MBU student. Not only has it allowed me to build friendships, but it has helped me grow in so many ways. Madrigal tour was an unforgettable week. And I have seen Christ work in and through us as we “sing His glorious worth.”