Small School Big Opportunities

Small School, Big Opportunities

If you do a quick Google search on “why attend a small college,” you’ll almost always get the same answer; small colleges have a strong sense of community. This sense of community is a huge part of what makes MBU unique, and there are many in the Maranatha community who have experienced great success in their educational pursuits because they chose a small school like Maranatha.  

Opportunities On Campus

Let’s start with what happens on campus. Though small in size, Maranatha has opportunities for any type of student on campus. Each of these can help you grow personally, spiritually, and socially.   

Take advantage of sports opportunitiesOne of the biggest on-campus programs is sports. Maranatha has 10 sports teams, and each team has top-notch coaches and players. Students of all types get involved in these sports, and if you don’t consider yourself sporty, you can support by cheer on the Sabercats from the stands with the MBU Crazies. 

Another way you can get involved on campus is through dorm leadership. These positions consist of Residence Assistants, Room Leader’s, and Power Group Leaders. Each position plays a vital role on campus and gives students the chance to invest in the other students in their dorm. This will help you grow in your spiritual life, but also help you grow in your leadership abilities.  

In addition, one of the more unique aspects of campus life is Maranatha’s thriving Fine Arts program. You can try out for a choir, band, orchestra, or one of the school’s traveling music teams. You can also get involved in the main stage play. These productions are a great way to meet new people and hone your communication skills. And they’re just a lot of fun. 

And if that weren’t enough, you can also get involved in student government. You can run for student body president, society president, or serve on your society cabinet. This is a unique opportunity because you can take on leadership responsibilities while still serving the other students on campus.  

Opportunities Off Campus 

Maranatha is located in an area of Wisconsin that provides our students with many options for employment, and church involvement. Maranatha is in a small town, but being located halfway between Milwaukee and Madison, students can find opportunities to grow themselves as young adults in so many ways 

A great off-campus opportunity to consider is getting a job. Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and so many other businesses are looking for students like you. Some are even within walking distance of campus. This is a huge financial benefit, but it also helps you gain experience in the workforce while still in college.  Maranatha offers many job opportunities

You can also get involved in your local church. Every student on campus attends one of the many surrounding churches on extension from their home church. This will impact your value of the local church and your spiritual growth with the body of Christ.   

Prepare for you future at MBU 

Maranatha has the resources on and off campus that can advance you into your future career, no matter where that will be. Our current students and alumni are living proof of this.  

Take Nate Oats for example. Nate Oats graduated from Maranatha in 1997 and secured the position of head coach of the Buffalo Bulls men’s basketball team in 2015. He held that position until March of 2019, when he resigned to take up the position of head coach at the University of Alabama. Just like many others, Nate Oats started as a Sabercat 

Another example of Maranatha leading students into thriving careers would be Mike HoukHouk is a graduate of Maranatha who went on to be the first American to win a Greco-Roman Wrestling World Championship in 1985. This is a huge accomplishment, to say the least.  

Current students also echo some of the same thoughts that our alumni have about their education. Carolyn Peters, a junior at Maranatha, studying Music Education, is a living example of the success that can come when you take advantage of the opportunities and resources that MBU provides. She was cast in 3 plays, sings in the Madrigal choir, and toured as a member of the 2018 Heritage Singers.  

Carolyn says this about her time on the Heritage team“That tour connected me with believers all across the country and enabled me to develop my talents in serving others.” Because Carolyn chose MBU, a small school, she had the option to jump into these many opportunities. And you can too.  

Whether it’s on-campus or off, MBU is stacked with opportunities to ensure a bright future. Small college, yes, but full of big opportunities to better yourself as a student and a servant of Christ.