Share the Truth through Humanities

Train to Share the Truth | MBU Humanities

Lawyers. Writers. Public speakers. Graphic designers. Psychologists.

What do all these careers, and many others, have in common? You could pursue any of them by starting with a Humanities degree.

At Maranatha Baptist University, the Humanities Department is dedicated to training competent leaders that can think rightly and communicate clearly so they can influence our culture for Christ in a multitude of jobs and careers.

Training for the Bigger Picture

There is often a misconception that a Humanities degree is simply for students who don’t know what they want to do after college. Nothing could be further from the truth. While some Humanities students might not know their exact career path as a freshman, the depth and variety of classes available in the major can guide them toward the right path after college.

In addition, the Humanities major sets students up for success in a wide variety of careers. Studying humanities from a biblical worldview gives you a foundation for leadership in life. By studying literature, history, culture, media, and communication, you will learn to know the culture and share the truth.

Thinking and Communicating

Questions like, “What does it mean to be a human?” and “How does past culture impact us today?” are common conversations among Humanities students. Through these conversations, you can learn how to think critically and intentionally about the people and culture around you. Then, you can grow your ability to effectively share the truth to others.

Humanities classes get students thinking about culture, and they encourage students to form biblical convictions. Students learn how to biblically articulate their opinion in a way that encourages others towards Christ-like conclusions. Whether through speeches, in-class discussions, or conversations with professors, Humanities students grasp the value of articulating their biblical worldview on controversial aspects of human culture.

An Education Built for You

The Humanities major offers you the opportunity to create a degree that matches your God-given talents and interests. You can choose classes that focus on areas such as psychology, history, literature, language, media, and writing. The variety and flexibility of the program means that you can build your education to fit your goals and graduate more prepared than ever to achieve those goals.

In addition to a variety of classes, you’ll get to choose a capstone project that challenges you to take everything you’ve learned and put it to use in a culmination of all your hard work. You can write a thesis of literary research, put together a multi-media presentation on a current issue, or even direct a play. In addition, there are multiple opportunities for semester and summer internships from Watertown, WI, all the way to Washington D.C.

You are only limited by how big you can dream.

A Foundation for the Future

When I think of good leaders, I think of people who have a great understanding of the people they are working with, and the mission they are striving for. They learn to connect with people, speak with intention, and grow themselves in the process.

One of MBU’s foundational motives is to train leaders. The Humanities major can set you up to be a leader in many fields. Not only will you be ready to succeed in your industry, but you can jump in as an advocate for Christ to share the truth.

Humanities majors are taught to push themselves to work hard and maximize their potential.  Their experiences give them the ability to empathize and understand the workplace that they choose.

It’s no secret that the culture is floundering in wrong thinking and evil convictions. Majoring in Humanities at MBU could be your first step toward a dynamic life marked by Christ-like influence of others. MBU Humanities alumni are already making a mark in industries across the nation. What about you?