Licht Completes Marketing Internship at Fisher Barton

Ministry takes on many different forms. When we think of ministry, often we imagine church buildings and pastors, or camp counselors and youth groups, but the idea of ministry is not limited to these settings or these people. In fact, each Christian is called to minister wherever God may place him, as Josh Licht discovered this summer. 

As a Business Management and Digital Media Marketing Major, Josh’s internship this summer took place at Fisher Barton, an “innovator of metallurgy science,” as Josh describes it. The company has a wide range of products that they make, including lawnmower blades, combine parts, and different kinds of bearings, in addition to many others. 

Josh’s title was Marketing Intern, and as such, he worked under the lead marketing director for the company. Much of his work entailed managing the company’s social media accounts and creating brand documents, including a brand guidelines document on behalf of the corporate headquarters to instruct employees on how to properly use the company’s logos. He also assisted in gathering the monthly marketing intelligence report, which records sales to other businesses that carry Fisher Barton products and sending the report out to the sales team in turn. 

As with most internships, Josh was given many random tasks as well, such as picking things up, setting up tents, and whatever other minor jobs his supervisors asked of him. However, this aspect of his job allowed him to work with the city of Watertown and meet the mayor, who is no stranger to MBU. Fisher Barton had a hand in sponsoring many new projects in town this summer, such as park benches, fountains, and the new town plaza currently in the works. As a result, Josh had the opportunity to assist in a video shoot with Fisher Barton and the city council, and he describes his specific role in this way: “I got to be a human teleprompter.” 

Josh found himself applying many of the principles and skills he learned in class in the real-time setting of Fisher Barton. He credits the English classes he took over the years with his general writing skills, which he found particularly useful along with his business classes in drawing up professional business documents. He also gives thanks for his instruction in different software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other design programs. 

He mentions that many of his classes stressed the need for building relationships in business, and he keyed into this early on. Throughout his time at Fisher Barton, Josh worked to develop the relationship not only between Fisher Barton and MBU but also between himself and his fellow associates, which proved useful when Josh was called upon to give a presentation in front of the management and CEO of Fisher Barton and discuss the different projects he had participated in and what the marketing department was currently working on. 

Josh acknowledges the importance of learning outside of the classroom and gaining hands-on experience in real-world scenarios. “You learn through making mistakes,” he comments, but he is thankful for the chance to experience these mistakes and determine what to do when they inevitably happen. 

He also ascribes value to interning at Fisher Barton specifically; he describes it as “meaningful, relevant work.” He appreciated the opportunity to help with restructuring and revamping things after Fisher Barton’s recent turnover in their corporate staff, assisting them in making the changes they wanted, and getting to try a lot of new things. As of right now, Josh is still working at Fisher Barton, and he testifies that although he enjoys being a part of the team there, he’s looking forward to what new experiences await him after graduation.  

However, his internship with Fisher Barton will forever have an impact on him and the way he views the workplace from a Christian perspective. This experience caused him to realize just how much Christians stand out from the world simply by living consistently. “It sets you apart when you’re working when you’re supposed to be working. When you’re on time. It’s surprising to a lot of people.” Josh was reminded of how important it is for Christians in the workforce to maintain a good testimony; people notice when someone is committed to excelling in the workplace. Christians can open many doors for conversations about the gospel by simply being honest and loyal. More Christians should be involved in this specific form of ministry.