Maranatha Students Volunteer at Run from the Cops

On Saturday, September 28th, Maranatha students sacrificed a day of sleeping in to help with Run from the Cops. During the race, the students interacted with community members and served alongside Watertown Police Department volunteers. 

MBU Cross Country Runner participates in Run from the CopsRun from the Cops is a race organized by the Watertown Police Department to raise awareness for domestic abuse. All of the proceeds are donated to stop domestic violence. The event kicked off with registration in the morning, and the races following shortly after. Because Run from the Cops offers different race lengths and no maximum finish times, it encourages runners of all ages to participate. Around 10:00 am, the race finished with an awards ceremony.

Student Volunteers

One of the most popular events, especially for the children, was the Mascot race. MBU’s Student Athletic Advisory Committee supported the cause by asking a handful of students to run as mascots in the race. Joanna Donovan, a sophomore women’s varsity soccer player, says “I was a mascot for the Run from the Cops this year and it was a lot of fun! We got there and were able to watch the kids race and cheer them on from the sidelines. They were all so sweet and wanted to take pictures with us afterward. Overall it was a very fun experience, and I loved every minute!” She ran as McGruff the police dog.

Ashley Nerat, a senior women’s varsity basketball and softball player, appreciates the opportunity to give back to the local community after participating in last year’s race as well. “It is really cool to see how the kids react to different characters,” says Ashley. She has always enjoyed acting, so she happily volunteered to be the Watertown Gosling.

MBU showed their support as a university by running Snarly B., the university’s mascot, in the Mascot race.

ROTC Volunteers

The Maranatha ROTC program also served during the race as a way to show their support to the community. MSIII Victoria Graham says, “The Cadets have volunteered for Run from the Cops every fall for the last several years. This year, we served as road guards to ensure the safety of the runners.”

Not only did MBU assist as volunteers, but several faculty, staff, and students also ran in the race.  

Without hesitation, MBU students volunteered to help with Run from the Cops. They enjoy the experience every year, one they will probably look back on later in life. As the semester progresses, MBU continues to encourage their students to support the community of Watertown.