study for finals the right way

Study for Finals the Right Way

Project Due Date has passed and finals week is just on the horizon. Unfortunately, finals week is not all about classwork and studying. There are many other things to finish up such as work projects, cleaning, and packing for break. So how can you effectively prepare for finals week, outside of just studying? Look no further. I have 5 tips to help you prepare for finals week the right way.

1. Don’t Wait to Pack

This one, though it seems a little too simple, is huge when it comes to preparing for finals. Packing early alleviates a lot of stress during the days when you’re actually taking your finals. Instead of worrying about packing up for that flight you have to catch, you can rest easy. Pack up everything you want to take home, and don’t use or wear those items unless absolutely necessary. This will also help you cut down on laundry for the last week of class and finals week.

2. Clean Early and a Little Bit at a Time

You can’t leave until your room is clean. But nobody wants to be cleaning when it’s crunch time for big exams. So, do your best to clean your room as early as possible, and work on it a little bit every day. But cleaning your room only a few times won’t necessarily cut it, so be sure you spend maybe 10-15 minutes each day to keep up. Then, since your room is tidy, you can leave as soon as your finals are done.  

3. Study in Increments with Breaks

One of the common misconceptions about studying is that taking long study sessions and stuffing as much information into those study sessions as possible is the best way to go. Unfortunately, that is not realistic or helpful. Instead, maximize your brain power and study in 50-minute increments with 10-15 minute breaks. During breaks, make sure to get up, walk around, and separate yourself from what you’re working on. This gives your brain a second to process what you’ve been studying, and it will conserve your energy in the long run.

4. Tackle the Hard Projects First

It’s really easy to tackle all the easy assignments and projects first and attempt to save your brain for your finals. But, you’re actually doing the opposite. By leaving your big projects until the end, when you get around for studying for your finals, you won’t be able to comprehend as much because your brain is shot. Instead, tackle the hard assignment first while your brain is fresh and save the easy projects to give your brain a break before jumping into studying for exams.

5. Get Some Sleep

During finals week, you don’t have a “set schedule” aside from work. This gives your more time to work on studying during the day. Take advantage of the flexibility and go to bed. Finals is not the time to pull all-nighters and hang out with friends. Get some sleep. Take a nap if you need to. You need to be in the best physical condition that you can, even if that means getting a few more z’s.

At the end of the semester it’s easy to check out, but finals is the time to showcase all you’ve learned. Take advantage of the extra time and finish your classes with excellence.