Students love Student Life Week

The Life in Student Life Week

The first six weeks of the semester have flown by for me. Classes are in full swing, campus weather is getting colder, and homework is piling up. Even six weeks in, it was time for a break from the routine, and Student Life Week was the answer.

During Student Life Week, workshops take the place of chapel, and students have the chance to attend workshops from faculty outside of their usual classes. These workshops focus on topics ranging from abortion to finding security in Christ.

I personally love Student Life Week. So, here is a look into the 2019 Fall semester Student Life Week.

Monday – Zack Sweatman: Abortion

On Monday I attended Zach Sweatman’s workshop on abortion. I went in expecting to hear a general definition of abortion and how Christians can ethically fight for a baby’s life. But Zach, who graduated from Trinity International University with a master’s degree in Bioethics, took the topic of abortion to a deeper level. I left that workshop understanding how oblivious I had been to what abortion actually was.

Zach spent part of the 45-minute period explaining the four most common abortion procedures. My heart shattered as I listened to Zach read detailed reports from professional doctors on how they terminate an unborn baby’s life. I wanted to cry. I felt the heaviness of the truth weigh down on me as time went on. The world has created a horrifying answer to what they believe is a problem, an answer that has occurred over 60 million times since 1973.

As Christians, we should not make light of the question at hand: how valuable is human life? I now understand more than ever that I am the one who needs to be the voice fighting for life in place of those who don’t have one.

To close, Zach offered us a wonderful resource to ease the heaviness sitting on our hearts. Norma McCorvey, better known as “Jane Roe” from Roe v. Wade, became the face of the pro-choice movement at age 21. She spent her early life addicted to drugs, living as a lesbian, and working at an abortion clinic until she was saved. You can read McCorvey’s story in her book, Won by Love.

Tuesday – Dr. and Mrs. Miller: Relationships

When I saw that Dr. Miler and Mrs. Miller would be having a workshop together, I knew I needed to go. So, on Tuesday, I went to the Miller’s workshop on relationships.

I have to say I was more interested in watching the couple interact together than with filling out the handout. Since I am recently engaged – which I excitedly tell everyone I see – I was fascinated by the way Dr. and Mrs. Miller work together. They exemplified the key points of their workshop. The Miller’s knew exactly what the other was thinking and knew how to tweak their information based on what the other said.

The couple specifically spoke on how to nurture healthy relationships in preparation for marriage, catering toward those who are single. But it was still information that engaged and married couples should hear too.

One of their main underlying principles was that genders are complementary. The Miller’s argued that having male-female relationships is beneficial for everyone – whether you are marrying them or not. Overall, the Miller’s encouraged us to use all of our relationships to edify the body of Christ. 

Wednesday – Mr. Jon Sheeley: Lessons from a Recovering Overcommitted Student

On Wednesday I attended Mr. Jon Sheeley’s workshop on organization and time management. I was reassured that yes, I actually do have time in my schedule, and yes, I will survive college. Time tends to control every aspect of our lives, especially in school. I admit I allow time to control my life. But Mr. Sheeley gave me a reason to rethink my choice to say, “I don’t have time.”

Mr. Sheeley’s main point was this: Maximize your time to maximize your ministry. Our Christian ministry is an important aspect of our lives, and even during school we need to dedicate time to growing our ministry for Christ. I need to make my time count for Christ.

So, the best answer for this idea? Read, of course. Here are some books on how to stay organized, prioritize your time, and use your ministry effectively for Christ.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Living Forward by Michael Wyatt and Daniel Harkavy
Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt
Atomic Habits by James Clear

Thursday – Mr. Nathan Huffstutler: Finding our Security in Christ

I attended Mr. Huffstutler’s workshop on Thursday. Mr. Huffstutler used the “lifeboat” analogy during his workshop. Our world today feels that in order to stay on the lifeboat and survive, we have to prove ourselves to other people. We crave affirmation and a “good job” and the praise of others. But where is our desire for affirmation from Christ?

There’s a solution to this problem: finding our security in Christ. We don’t need approval from other people when Christ is our only focus. Christ loved the people who weren’t on the lifeboat; in fact, Christ wasn’t on the lifeboat himself.

Security in Christ is a beautiful thing. Finding our security in Christ is the only thing that will give our lives true purpose.

In case you were wondering if I have more books to offer, I do. Here are three that Mr. Huffstutler suggested for us to read:

God is More than Enough: Foundations for a Quiet Soul by Jim Berg
Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller
When People are Big and God is Small by Edward Welch

Friday – Student Body Council: Crazy Chapel

Friday workshops are replaced by Crazy Chapel – a chance for each society to earn points for the Society of the Year competition. Crazy chapels are a fun way for the student body to work with and against each other. It gives us a chance to interact and show our school pride. But while each society is always itching to win every game, the atmosphere on Friday was exciting.

This semester, the student body council took glow in the dark to a whole new level. The gym was illuminated by the neon colors of each society as students attempted to play charades, steal the bacon, and big-ball volleyball in the dark. It was 45 minutes of injury-free craziness. 

It was a crazy chapel to remember as the weeks continue to fly by in this semester. This gives us a great look forward at what our student body council has to offer next.

Overall, the Student Life Workshops are a great aspect of MBU. Teachers we might not see on a daily are given the chance to talk to us about an issue they believe needs to be addressed. As students, we can take those principles with us into the rest of our lives. The workshops – which are different every semester – give us not only a break from the routine, but the chance to hear practical truth about modern issues that we Christians can change for the better.