Playing sports at MBU is an amazing opportunity.

Consider Playing Sports in College

This article is for the sports people. Now, I’m certainly not limiting this article to just the sports people, but I want to speak specifically to the sports lovers and those who might consider playing sports in college.

First, here’s a bit of my story. My father had a tiny soccer ball in my hands and at my feet before I could even walk. At five years old, I began to play on an organized team and as I continued to grow up, I fell more and more in love with the sport.

Soccer became my life. I spent hours on end talking about soccer, watching soccer, and crying over the losses I faced. Let me tell you, there were many, many tears shed.

And then my perspective changed. I began to understand that soccer wasn’t who I am.

If you told me in high school that I would play soccer in college, I would have told you, “I know I will.” If you had told me that I would struggle with balancing sports and work and sleep, I probably would have shed some more tears. And if you had told me that I would be a stronger, more determined person in college than before, I would have doubted you.

But I’m here to tell you that sports are more than the wins and the losses. I’ve learned that truth the hard way.

Whether you are nervous you won’t make the team or concerned about balancing schoolwork and sports, don’t start to worry yet. Here are a few pieces of gold I’ve picked up throughout my college soccer career.

Sports are the best teachers.

No matter what sport you play, you will learn something new every day. You will learn how to communicate with the players and coaches. You will learn how to respect other players and officials. You will learn how you respond to outside forces that are out of your control.

Sports help you excel in your academics.

I will admit, playing sports in college will take up a lot of your time. But you’ll realize during the season that your motivation will be off the charts. You will have time to do your homework and eat dinner and go to bed; trust me. The success you see because of your hard work in your sport will push you to work hard and succeed in your academics.

Sports will shape who you are.

I say this in a good way. Nothing else will encourage your dedication or will encourage your drive to be stronger and healthier than sports. You will see that through your interactions with your teammates, the officials at games, and the players you compete against, your character will grow.

I can happily say that soccer doesn’t define who I am. While soccer has been a big factor in shaping who I am, I shouldn’t be idolizing a sport.

So, don’t deny yourself the chance to play sports in college because of the hard work, the long hours, or the fear. Try out for the team and push yourself to play. You’ll find that sports will teach you just as much – if not more – than what you may learn in the classroom.

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