Brown to Perform with Symphony Orchestra

This Saturday, September 16, Dr. David Brown will perform with the Artisans in Brass in a concert with the Elkhart Symphony Orchestra. “I feel so humbled every time I go and play with [Artisans in Brass],” Brown remarks. “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Artisans in Brass

Artisans in Brass, a brass quintet that formed in 2002, is made up of like-minded men who desire to serve the Lord with excellence in music.  Brown says that when he plays with the group, “Spiritually, it’s refreshing. Musically, it’s challenging.”

Brown joined the group 10 or 11 years ago, replacing the previous trombonist. But it wasn’t a sure-fire replacement. Brown was invited to join the group just for a weekend by Powell, who knew Brown in college. “They were kind of trying me out,” says Brown. “They didn’t know if I’d be a good fit. But, we gelled right away.”

Since then, Brown has performed many concerts with the group around the country. “We all love the Lord and have a desire to play the right kind of sacred music at the right level,” explains Brown. “We believe that there’s a rightness about sacred music, and we want to take it to the highest level we can, and make that the model for our audiences.”

That excellence of sacred music is displayed in every church service they perform in. But they also perform classical works.

The Power of Brass – Elkhart Symphony Orchestra

For this concert with the Elkhart Symphony Orchestra, Artisans in Brass will be performing a few songs by themselves, and some songs written specifically for brass quintet and symphony orchestra. Brown laughs as he says, “We took the job before we had any music for it.” He continued, explaining that there’s not a lot of music for brass quintet and symphony orchestra, so Nichols and Powell wrote music specifically for this night.

A Little Off the Top

In conjunction with this performance, Artisans in Brass will release their newest CD titled A Little Off the Top.

The theme comes from the main piece in the CD – “The Barber of Seville – Overture.” Famous for its role in a Bugs Bunny barbershop scene, where Bugs Bunny cuts Elmer Fudd’s hair, “The Barber of Seville – Overture is a memorable piece.

“About halfway through the piece, the audience starts snickering,” remarks Brown. Laughing with the audiences, the group decided to make the title and cover art of their new CD reflect the humor in the piece.

But they also recorded the CD for more than humor. “Our goal is to use this to get into some secular venues,” explains Brown. “Then, we use that money so we can go to small churches and present our ministry there.” With this new CD to open up new classical opportunities, they hope their range of ministry will continue to expand.

If you live near Elkhart, IN, stop by the Lerner Theatre for an evening of music you won’t forget.