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The Praisemen

The Praisemen is a five-member men’s group that will travel for Maranatha Baptist University this summer. Their five-member tour will take them through 12 states from the Midwest to Southeast and back. The group will minister in churches and Christian schools utilizing music and preaching to challenge both teens and adults spiritually and promote the ministry of the university. The 2019 Praisemen are Andrew Holloway (Birmingham, MI), Josh Hockema (Timberville, VA), Micah Gillespie (Tipp City, OH), Aaron Mayes (Watertown WI), and Matt Sheeley (Raytown, MO).


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Praisemen-2019-KD-33-200x300As a senior Youth Ministries major, Andrew steps into the role of speaker and tenor for the Praisemen. He plans to use this experience in the future as a youth pastor or in a camp ministry. At a young age, Andrew understood his need for Christ’s rescue from the punishment for sin and accepted Him as his personal Savior. During his time on MBU’s campus, Andrew has been able to build lasting friendships with both students and faculty. When not on campus, he enjoys shooting, playing soccer, golf, and water sports.


Praisemen-2019-KD-36-200x300Matt loves “represent the University on the road in high schools and churches and helping high school students with their college decisions.” In addition to traveling with the team for his second year, Matt has also traveled with the Chamber Singers choir and Soccer Ministry Team. Having earned his Master in Organizational Leadership from MBU, he plans to use his degree in a business setting, potentially HR. When he is not representing the university, he enjoys golf, Crossfit, soccer, hiking, shooting, photography, boating, swimming, and the outdoors. Being from Kansas City, MO, he also loves good BBQ.


Praisemen-2019-KD-26-200x300Singing Bass in the group, Aaron is currently a junior on campus in a Humanities major. He wants to become an editor after graduation from MBU. Aaron has enjoyed the “opportunities to develop new skills and passions alongside many friends who share those same passions” while being a student. When not studying, he likes acting, reading, playing basketball, and board games. Aaron states, “I came to Christ during my freshman year of high school when I realized I could not live for God in my own strength.”


Praisemen-2019-KD-39-200x300As a sophomore in Communication Arts: Digital Media, Josh hopes to one day work in film production. His other passions include golfing, soccer, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, numerous outdoor sports, photography, and videography. Reflecting on his salvation, Josh says, “I was challenged by a message by Evangelist Barry Webb during a revival. That’s when I understood and trusted Christ as my Savior.” Josh’s life verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


Praisemen-2019-KD-29-200x300As the pianist and second bass of the group, Micah brings some of his experiences to the group. Having traveled on several teams for the university, he is excited to be traveling again on the Praismen. Micah is currently a sophomore Piano Pedagogy and Church Music major at Maranatha. He says about the campus, “I appreciate the godly friends I have at MBU. They are constantly pushing me towards Christ and provide a constant source of encouragement.” When not singing or playing piano, Micah enjoys reading, arranging music, being with friends and family, amusement parks, and eating brownies.

2020 Itinerary

May 3, 20209:00 a.m. Sunday School
10:00 a.m. Service
First Baptist ChurchFonduLacWI
May 3, 2020
May 13, 2020
May 17, 20209:30 a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Service
Radisson Road Baptist ChurchHam LakeMN
May 17, 2020
May 19, 20206:30 p.m.Berean Baptist ChurchDetroit LakesMN
May 20, 20206:30 p.m.Woodland Baptist ChurchFergus FallsMN
May 21, 20206:30 p.m.Faith Baptist ChurchBrainerd`MN
May 24, 2020Sunday School-9:30 a.m., Morning Service-10:30 a.m.Sunrise Bible ChurchNorth Branch MN
May 24, 20206:00 p.m.First Baptist Church RosemountMN
May 27, 20207:00 p.m.Faith Baptist ChurchSaint PaulMN
May 28, 20207:00 p.m.Berean Baptist ChurchBrooklyn ParkMN
May 29, 20207:00 p.m.Calvary Baptist ChurchWionaMN
May 31, 20209:30 a.m. Sunday School
10:30 a.m. Service
Victory Baptist ChurchRochesterMN
May 31, 20205:15 p.m.Oakland Baptist ChurchOaklandMN
June 2, 2020MN
June 3, 20207:00 p.m.Fellowship Baptist ChurchMarshalltownIA
June 4, 20206:30 p.m.Walnut Park Baptist ChurchMuscatineIA
June 7, 2020Sunday School-9:30 a.m., Morning Service-10:30 a.m.Calvary Baptist ChurchKankakeeIL
June 7, 20206:00 p.m.Danvers Baptist ChurchDanvers IL
June 8, 2020Christlife Baptist ChurchBunker HillIL
June 10, 20207:00 p.m.Warrington Baptist ChurchVicksburgMN
June 11, 20206-9 p.m Teen EventArise Baptist ChurchHouston TX
June 12, 20206-9 p.m Teen EventArise Baptist ChurchHoustonTX
June 14, 2020Sunday School-9:30 a.m., Morning Service-10:30 a.m.
6:00 p.m. Service
Trinity Baptist ChurchGrand PrairieTX
June 15-17 2020Southland
June 17, 2020
June 18, 2020Beacon Baptist Church
June 21, 2020Sunday School-10:00 a.m., Morning Service-11:00 a.m.Worth Baptist ChurchFort Worth TX
June 21, 20206:00 p.m.Union Hall Baptist ChurchLiberty HIllTX
June 22-24, 2020Southland
June 25, 20207:00 p.m.Gospel LightConroeTX
June 26, 20202:00-8:00 P.M. Youth CampShady Grove Baptist ChurchBossier City LA
June 28, 2020Sunday School-10:00 a.m., Morning Service-11:00 a.m.Kingsway Baptist ChurchRingoldLA
June 28, 20206:00 p.m.Shreveport Baptist TempleShreveportLA
June 29-30, 2020Southland
July 1, 20207:00 p.m.Leon Valley Baptist ChurchSan AntoniaTX
July 5, 20206:00 p.m.Calvary Baptist ChurchCleburneTX
July 8, 20207:00 p.m.Grace Baptist ChurchDecaturTX
July 10, 20207:00 p.m.Harvest Hills Baptist ChurchYukonOK
July 12, 2020Arden Road baptist ChurchAmarilloTX
July 15, 20205:30 p.m.Bartlesville Baptist TempleBartlesvilleOK
July 16, 20207:00 p.m.Midland Baptist ChurchWitchitaKS
July 17, 2020Victory Baptist ChurchOlathe KS
July 19, 2020Sunday School-9:30 a.m., Morning Service-10:45 a.m.Faith Baptist ChurchRaymoreMO
July 21, 2020Indianola Regular Baptist ChurchIndianolaIA
July 23, 20207:00 p.m.Faith Baptist ChurchGodfrey IL
July 24, 20207:00 p.m.Westwood Baptist ChurchPoplar BluffMO
July 28, 20207:00 p.m.Bayview Baptist ChurchWashingtonIL
July 29, 20207:00 p.m.Grace Baptist ChurchTaylorvilleIL
July 31, 20207:00 p.m.Calvary Baptist ChurchChilicotheIL
August 2, 2020Sunday School-9:30 a.m., Morning Service-10:30 a.m.Faith Baptist ChurchMorrisIL
August 6, 20207:00 p.m.Friendship Baptist ChurchCedar RapidsIA
August 7, 20206:00 p.m. PicinicFirst Baptist ChurchOregon IL
August 9, 2020Sunday School-9:30 a.m., Morning Service-10:30 a.m.First Baptist ChurchRochelleIL
August 9, 20205:00 P.M.First Baptist ChurchRockford IL