Chamber Singers Tour 2017

Touring through Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, the Chamber Singers performed at churches and Christian schools, bringing glory to God, and promoting MBU.

For each school chapel performance, the choir invited high school students to join them in singing side-by-side “Lux Aurumque.” Although hesitant at first, students flocked to join the choir, and sightread the piece singing next to choir members.

For each evening concert, the program also included pieces by a string ensemble made of members of the choir, a men’s quartet, or a violin solo. The church members were blessed by the variety of music offered and the words of the songs which pointed to Christ.

The first package focused on the power of God through different circumstances – Creation, the Incarnation, difficult times, our school, and others.

The second package included pieces of response to the power of God – Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All; Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal; Arise, My Soul, Arise; and Abide with Me.

According to Chamber Singers tradition, each evening concert ended with an a capella arrangement of Abide with Me - a poem written by Henry Francis Lyte.  Circling the congregation, the choir sang this piece providing a unique surround-sound as the words “I need thy presence every passing hour,” and “Who like Thyself, my Guide and stay can be?” were sung as a prayer to God.

“It is ministry in action,” remarks Dr. Jim Harrison. “But ministry went beyond the platform as the choir intermingled with the church after the concerts and in the homes of their host families. It is a true picture of ministry, and we thank the Lord for His blessing this week.”

Chamber Singers also interacted with several Maranatha and Chamber Singers alumni as several of them attended the tour churches while others came to visit.

“Tour,” says Timothy Potter, “is such a unique opportunity to minister in various local churches and to get to know other believers in Christ.”

“Getting to know the people who hosted us and spending time with them was a real blessing to me during choir tour,” states Mica Vega.

Saturday was a day of travel and spending time with the other members of the choir. Having a pizza party and then walking through the streets of Chicago was just one way to enjoy time with each other. “The comradery developed and friendships made with the other choir members were such a blessing to me,” Potter says.

The choir arrived home Sunday afternoon and performed some of their tour selections in chapel at MBU Tuesday morning.

"Tour is often difficult with the many concerts, bus traveling, changes, and sickness," remarks Dr. Ledgerwood. "Still, I feel it has been a wonderful experience to represent the Lord. I am often humbled when I view the godly response and heartfelt consideration so many in the choir demonstrate. It is a privilege for me to work with so many fine individuals."

A recording of the chapel performance is available below.