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BIBC 215 – History of Christianity (3)

A survey of the history of Christian religion from the close of the first century to the present, with primary focus on Western Christianity. Prerequisites: BIBI 111, BIBI 112, and Sophomore classification. (3 credit hours)

BIBC 230 – Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism (3)

Focuses on Christian leadership qualities of character and the importance of mentoring in the local church, business, and other settings. Subjects include business, personal, and social ethics, integrity, truthfulness, and biblical confrontation. Prerequisites: BIBI 111 and 112. (3 credit hours)

BIBC 233 – Modern Creationary Thought (3)

A survey of the scientific and biblical evidence which supports creationism, including a critique of evolution and discussions of catastrophism versus uniformitarianism and of the young age of the earth versus an ancient earth. Prerequisites: BIBI 111 and 112. (3 credit hours)

BIBC 321 – Baptist Heritage (3)

A study of the Baptist distinctives, the governmental structure of a New Testament church, and a survey of New Testament Christianity from the time of the Apostles to the present. Prerequisites: BIBI 111 and 112. (3 credit hours)