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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

All seminary classes have the option to be taken virtually or online.

GBC 501 – Theology and Practice of Pastoral Counseling (2)

An introduction to the role of the pastor in church counseling. The course includes basic instruction in grief counseling, marriage and family counseling, financial counseling, and other areas of counseling common to the pastorate. (2 credit hours)

GBC 503 – Methods of Spiritual Change (2)

This course provides a survey of foundational counseling principles, a study of the doctrine of sanctification, and an overview of the counseling process including a comprehensive methodological model for promoting biblical change in people. The goal of this course is to encourage biblical thinking and procedures in the process of helping people grow into Christlikeness. (2 credit hours)

GBC 513 – Counseling Problems and Procedures (2)

This course applies counseling principles in general areas of concern such as depression, worry, fear, conflict, stress, assurance, God’s will, dedication, and others. The class will include advanced procedures for gathering data, homework generation, application of biblical counsel, and assessment. Prerequisite: GBC 503 Methods of Spiritual Change or its equivalent. (2 credit hours)

GBC 535 – Crisis Counseling (2)

An in-depth analysis of counseling for crisis situations including suicide, sudden death, loss, grief, trauma, divorce, and transitions in life. Special attention will be given to the dynamics of a crisis, biblical principles regarding a crisis, and the process for crisis intervention. Prerequisite: GBC 503 Methods of Spiritual Change or equivalent. (2 credit hours)

GBC 537 – Marriage and Family Counseling (2)

Issues surrounding pre-marital and post-marital counseling will be addressed from a biblical perspective. Issues will include finances, parenting, in-laws, sexual difficulties, conflict, and communication. Prerequisite: GBC 531 Methods of Spiritual Change or equivalent. (2 credit hours)

GBC 540 – Counseling Addictive Behavior (2)

A survey of various chemical and behavioral addictions, including, but not limited to, alcohol, illicit drugs, eating disorders, and sexual addictions. Students will participate in the evaluation of various causal and treatment models, focusing upon biblical paradigms for spiritual restoration. Prerequisite: GBC 531 Methods of Spiritual Change or equivalent. (2 credit hours)

GBC 550 – Proverbs and Counseling (2)

A study of Old Testament wisdom literature, particularly Proverbs, with the goal of improving the student’s ability to apply its truths to the lives of people through the ministry of biblical counseling. Prerequisite: GBC 531 Methods of Spiritual Change or equivalent. (2 credit hours)

GBC 560 – Counseling Survivors of Abuse (2)

Our society is overwhelmed by abusive behavior, even among our Christian communities, including physical, emotional, and sexual. Abuse is actually as old as fallen man but the scriptures provide a robust theology for counseling this difficult problem. Counselors today will regularly encounter people who are broken from the abuse they have suffered. In this course we will examine definitions, types of abuse, symptoms, a theology of abuse and recovery, and biblical strategies for assisting the survivor. We will pay special attention to providing a counseling framework for the counselor. (2 credit hours)

GBC 580 – Biblical Counseling Seminar (2)

An examination of a variety of the issues that Counseling students will face in ministry. This seminar usually takes place for one week off campus. The Seminary does not charge tuition for this class, but there is a $25 recording fee. Prerequisite: GBC 531 Methods of Spiritual Change or equivalent. (2 credit hours)

GBC 582 – Biblical Counseling Practicum (2)

An approved, practical project done in the last semester of the student’s residence, designed around the career choice of the student. This is implemented under the supervision of an experienced veteran in the field. (2 credit hours)