Church History & Historical Theology – GHI

GHI 515 – American Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism (3)

A study of the history of fundamentalism, with special attention given to its reactions to modernism, neo-orthodoxy, and new evangelicalism. The course is designed to give the student a base for examining new movements in the light of scriptural truth. (3 credit hours) Offered every Spring semester.

GHI 608 – Baptist History (3)

A survey of New Testament Christianity from the time of the Apostles to the present. This includes the development of New Testament forms of Christianity with a special treatment of the Anabaptist and the modern Baptist movements. (3 credit hours) Offered Fall semester of odd-numbered years.

GHI 721 – History of Baptist Theology (3)

A study of the origin, theological development, and historical traditions of the Anabaptists and English and American Baptists as the setting for an outline of the historical basis for the Baptist distinctives and other major contributions to theology, including a survey of major Baptist theologians and traditional theological statements. (2 credit hours) Offered as needed.

GHI 780 – Graduate Seminar in History (2)

Current topics relative to the study of church history and especially Baptist history are examined and investigated. Students are encouraged to select topics of interest to them for inclusion in this course. (2 credit hours)