Counseling – BICO

BICO 241 – Introduction to Biblical Counseling (3)

An introductory study of the field of counseling from a biblical perspective. Emphasis on the current status of biblical and psychological theories and practice. Prerequisites: BIBI 111, 112 and HUEN 122 (3 credit hours) Offered every semester.

BICO 243 – Counseling Problems and Procedures (3)

This course applies counseling principles in general areas of concern such as depression, worry, fear, conflict, stress, assurance, God’s will, dedication, and others. The class will include advanced procedures for gathering data, homework generation, application of biblical counsel, and assessment. Prerequisite: GBC 503 Methods of Biblical Change or its equivalent. (2 credit hours)

BICO 248 – The Biblical Counselor (3)

This course addresses the scriptural qualifications and characteristics of a biblical counselor. It will include practical steps of personal growth leading to spiritual maturity resulting in influencing others to grow and change. Prerequisites: BICO 241 (3 credit hours) Offered Fall semester of even-numbered years.

BICO 255 – Gender Issues in Counseling (3)

This course examines counseling issues from the perspective of God-given gender traits, inclinations, and roles. Root issues, gender-specific responses, and the application of biblical truth to effect change and growth in counselees are included in the study. Prerequisites: BICO 241 (3 credit hours) Offered Fall semester of odd-numbered years.

BICO 265 – Counseling and Psychology (2)

This course is designed to critically analyze clinical psychology, Christian psychology, and the integrationist approach in contrast with the biblical model of counseling. The student will examine the methodologies of these systems and their anthropological presuppositions from a biblical viewpoint. Furthermore, students will identify any benefits derived from the study of scientific psychology as a descriptive science. Prerequisites: BICO 241. (2 credit hours) Offered Fall semester of odd-numbered years.

BICO 348 – Counseling Seminar (2)

This seminar is designed to provide the student with biblical answers to a variety of the issues he or she will face in ministry. This seminar usually takes place for one week off campus. (2 credit hours) Offered every Spring semester.

BICO 448 – Counseling Techniques (3)

This capstone course in the counseling program will acquaint the student with the various styles and approaches of biblical counseling through the observation and analysis of different biblical counselors and will help students develop their own counseling style by participating in classroom counseling. Prerequisites: BICO 241, 242, 248, 265, and 348. (3 credit hours) Offered every Spring semester.