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BUCJ courses only offered as online courses.


BUCJ 100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)

An introduction to US criminal justice from a systems perspective with attention given to the historical development, philosophical bases, and current operational structure of the US criminal justice system and its major subsystems (police, courts, and corrections). (3 credit hours)

BUCJ 120 – Policing and Criminal Investigation (3)

An introduction to the history of policing in a democratic society. Theories of ideal policing are situated within legal, environmental, and financial limitations that influence the police’s use of discretion in their crime control, service delivery, and order maintenance capacities. Prerequisite: BUCJ 100. (3 credit hours)

BUCJ 140 – Courts, Law, and Procedure (3)

An overview of the structure and organization of the US criminal court system and an introduction to the historical, philosophical, theological, and social influences shaping US criminal law into codes of crimes against persons and property. Prerequisite: BUCJ 100. (3 credit hours)

BUCJ 220 – Institutional and Community Corrections (3)

A study of the history, theories, and practices of the US correctional system. Philosophies behind goals of punishment are analyzed and evaluated from a biblical perspective. Various correctional strategies including treatment programs, intermediate sanctions, and incarceration are discussed in light of research addressing their relative effectiveness. Attention given to policy trends regarding social, legal, and ethical issues within the system. Prerequisite: BUCJ 100. (3 credit hours)

BUCJ 240 – Nature of Crime (3)

An investigation into definitions and categorizations of crime, crime’s toll on society, theories of crime causation, the treatment of offenders, criminological perspectives and goals of punishment, and the criminal justice system as a social control mechanism. Prerequisite: BUCJ 100 (3 credit hours)

BUCJ 260 – Ethics in Criminal Justice (3)

A study of ethical decision-making theories within the criminal justice system and its competing personal, social, and justice interests. Issues of morality and ethics from real-world criminal justice scenarios will be explored utilizing a biblical perspective within the boundaries of current law and professional codes of ethics. Prerequisites: BUCJ 100 (3 credit hours)

BUCJ 440 – Criminal Justice Internship (0)

Participation in the internship program provides students with work experience related to the Criminal Justice program. Applications must be filed with the department. Registration for internship requires sponsorship by the Criminal Justice advisor. Prerequisite: Criminal Justice major or minor; Junior or Senior classification or in final year. (0 credit hours)