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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

This degree program is offered completely online.

All courses require admittance into the mathematics graduate certificate program.


ASMA 510 – History of Mathematics (3)

A survey of the development of mathematics from ancient civilizations through the modern era. (3 credit hours)

ASMA 520 – Fundamentals of Higher Algebra and Number Theory (3)

This class covers Matrix theory, rudimentary principles of Abstract Algebra focusing on groups and rings, and classical Number Theory concepts. The goal is to prepare students for studies in the practical application of such topics. (3 credit hours)

ASMA 530 – Coding Theory and Cryptography (3)

The Coding Theory portion covers the construction and decoding of Hamming codes, Reed-Solomon codes, Goppa codes, LDPC codes, and others. The Cryptography portion includes entropy, hash functions, secret key and public key cryptosystems, and digital signatures. Both portions of the class will be motivated and illustrated with real-world applications of these codes. (3 credit hours)

ASMA 540 – Foundations of Analysis (3)

A study of sets and sequences, the topology of the real line, continuity and limits, differentiation and integration in the reals. (3 credit hours)

ASMA 550 – Optimization (3)

This class provides an introduction to Numerical Analysis and Linear Programming. Topics include solving linear and non-linear equations, analyzing the error and convergence criterion of such algorithims along with a deep dive into the simplex method. (3 credit hours)

ASMA 560 – Introduction to Topology (3)

A study of basic topological concepts including metric and topological spaces and their fundamental properties such as closure, compactness, connectedness, and separation etc.; continuous maps and homeomorphisms, quotients and products of spaces. (3 credit hours)