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SEHE 103 – Personal and Community Health (2)

An introduction to the factors influencing the physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual health of individuals and communities. This survey course will cover a variety of health-related topics. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of personal lifestyle choices on health status. Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to select and implement individualized health behavior strategies to optimize current and future health and enhance quality of life. The student will learn healthy nutritional habits, basic fitness concepts, positive stress reduction, and development of a personalized healthy lifestyle plan. Assessment skills and wellness concepts will be put into practice. (2 credit hours)

SEHE 201 – Nutrition (2)

This course will cover diets and nutritional needs of people of all ages and health levels. Students will analyze their nutrition habits and develop a healthy eating plan. Attention is also given to nutrients, exercise, and behavior modification techniques that promote holistic health relationship. (2 credit hours)

SEHE 202 – Drugs Society, and Human Behavior (2)

This course introduces students to knowledge of human problems within their environmental context. The course focuses on the biological, sociological, psychological, spiritual and cultural processes and development across the life span. It also addresses the environmental conditions that support or inhibit individual and family growth and variations arising from ethnicity, class, cohort, gender, race, and other differences. Particular attention is given to issues and concerns of multi-cultural, urban populations. (2 credit hours)

SEHE 203 – Consumerism in Health (2)

The aim of this course is to identify content, resources, material and instructional strategies for providing consumer education to various populations. It will supply information about health products and services and the factors that influence personal choices in the health marketplace. It will prepare the student to make informed decisions about health related issues, concerns, and behaviors. This class will introduce guidelines for determining the reliability of health information on the internet. (2 credit hours)

SEHE 323 – School Health Programs (2)

Studies the importance of well-organized and planned school health programs with special emphasis on the importance of health education to the school environment. (2 credit hours)