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HUHI 130 – The Modern World (3)

An integrated study of civilization from the Reformation until the present. Broad areas of culture are covered as well as economic and social life, literature, art, music, philosophy, and religion as they relate to the period being studied, using political history as the unifying principle. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 141 – United States History 1 (3)

A survey of American history from the Colonial period to Reconstruction, emphasizing the political, social, religious, and economic developments that underlie the nation’s rise as a superpower. Prerequisite: HUEN 121. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 142 – United States History 2 (3)

A survey of American history from after the Reconstruction period to the present, emphasizing the political, social, religious, and economic developments that underlie the nation’s rise as a superpower. Prerequisite: HUEN 121. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 220 – Ancient Civilizations (3)

A study of the early human civilizations of the Mediterranean region: Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The course’s emphasis is on the contributions of each civilization’s contribution to our cultural heritage today. Prerequisite: HUHI 130 (3 credit hours)

HUHI 233 – History of England (3)

A survey of English political, social, and cultural development, beginning with the Celts and continuing to the present. Prerequisites: HUHI 130. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 237 – Renaissance and Reformation (3)

An examination of the change in intellectual and religious thought in Italy and northern Europe which ended the Middle Ages and laid the foundation for events that led to and accompanied the Reformation. The leaders, doctrines, and responses of Christendom are considered. Prerequisites: HUHI 130. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 245 – Twentieth Century History (3)

A presentation of world historical developments in that century. Diplomatic history, revolutions and wars, and contemporary events are emphasized, with a focus on influential ideas. Prerequisites: HUHI 130. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 250 – East Asian History (3)

A survey of the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese civilizations in Asia from their origins. Relations with the West through commercial, military, and missionary contact are considered. Prerequisite: HUHI 130. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 320 – Early American Political Thought (3)

Examines the philosophical development of American politics as evidenced through the various cultural, religious, and economic factors which contributed to making the United States what it is today. Prerequisites: HUHI 130, HUEN 122. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 330 – Civil War and Reconstruction (3)

The study of the failure of the government and society of the United States to cope with the issues of the mid-nineteenth century. Political, economic, military, and social developments during the war and the Reconstruction period are discussed. Prerequisite: HUHI 141. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 335 – Native American History (3)

Explores and analyzes the history of North American Indians, particularly those now within the territory of the United States, from the period of first contact through the development of European colonies, the expansion of the United States, to the present day (A.D. 1000 to present). Students are expected to gain an understanding of the major stages of North American Indian history and the historical roots of issues confronting North American Indians and the United States today. Prerequisite: HUHI 141. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 347 – Recent and Contemporary America (3)

The study of the political, economic, and cultural changes in American life since WWII. Foreign policy trends as well as internal social conflict will be examined. Prerequisite: HUHI 142. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 352 – Modern European History (3)

A survey of recent European history beginning in the late eighteenth century. Special emphasis is given to the study of the French Revolution, Napoleon, industrialization, the rise of communism especially in the Soviet Union, the world wars, and the Cold War in Europe. Prerequisites: HUHI 130. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 354 – American Constitutional History (3)

A study of the origins and development of the US Constitution throughout the history of the United States. Includes a survey of the growth and development of the Constitution, the uniquely federal system of government it created, significant individuals responsible for its conception, implementation, and interpretation, and changes in the Constitution through amendment, practice, and legal interpretation as understood in important Supreme Court cases. Prerequisites: HUHI 130, 141, and 142. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 367 – Europe in the Middle Ages (3)

An introduction to the history of the European Middle Ages as it transformed from a collection of barbarian kingdoms to a continent with sophisticated cultural and economic life. Emphasis will be on the dissolution of the classical Greco-Roman world into three civilizations: Byzantium, Islam, and Latin Christendom. (3 credit hours)

HUHI 497 – Historical Method and Philosophy (3)

Combines instruction in the techniques of historical research and writing with a survey of historiography from ancient times to the present. Prerequisites: HUHI 130, and 141 or 142. (3 credit hours)