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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

GCC 502 – Theological Issues in Missions (3)

An analysis of the theological issues facing missionaries, together with an analysis of biblical solutions. Special consideration will be given to the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in a pluralistic world, the eternal destiny of the heathen, biblical absolutism and cultural. (3 credit hours)

GCC 504 – Church Planting (2)

A survey and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of church planting models and strategies around the world with emphasis on user-friendly multiplication strategies for the national church. (2 credit hours)

GCC 509 – Linguistics (3)

An introduction to the study of language acquisition – how individuals learn a language. It includes topics such as phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. (3 credit hours)

GCC 520 – Inter-Cultural Communication

A study of the values, customs, mores and communication styles of cultural groups, with the goal of interpreting the communicative behavior of students and explaining how conversational behavior differs from culture to culture. (3 credit hours)

GCC 521 – Inter-Cultural Anthropology (3)

An examination of the origins, history, and development of human culture, especially its social forms and institutions. (3 credit hours)

GCC 531 – Theology of Urban Ministry (3)

This course examines a theology of the city and develops an apologetic for urban ministries. It also studies world demographics to help understand the impact of the city on the world’s population. This course is taken while on a four-month internship in an urban ministry. (3 credit hours)

GCC 532 – The Christian and the City (3)

This course examines the history of the city and extrapolates the future of the city. It also explains how a Christian can evangelize the large city. This course is taken while on a four-month internship in an urban ministry. (3 credit hours)

GCC 533 – Discipleship in the City (3)

This course discusses the approaches to discipling urban citizens. It also examines the networking and support necessary for a successful urban ministry. This course is taken while on a four-month internship in an urban ministry. (3 credit hours)

GCC 540 – Readings in International Studies (3)

This course consists of guided readings in the culture of the specific location of a student’s intercultural internship. Students may choose from a focus in Latin, African, Western European, Eastern European, Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures. (3 credit hours)

GCC 541 – Field Methods and Cultural Engagement (3)

A seminar course in which the student develops, evaluates, and applies principles of engagement with the ethnography, linguistics, inter-cultural communication, and ministry development on an international setting. (3 credit hours)

GCC 570 – Inter-Cultural Internship (2)

This capstone internship requires students to participate for a minimum of eight weeks in an international location for the purpose of developing cultural competence in various settings. (2 credit hours)

GCC 571 – Urban Internship (2)

An approved, practical project done in the student’s last year of study, implemented under the supervision of an urban church planter. (2 credit hours)

GCC 590 – Seminar in Inter-Cultural Studies (2)

Current topics in Inter-Cultural studies are examined and explained. Students are encouraged to address topics of personal interest in this class. (2 credit hours)