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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

All seminary classes have the option to be taken virtually or online.

DMI 800 – Research and Writing

A research and writing course which must be taken online no later than the week of your first regular course. This is an online pass/fail class and can be done at your convenience. Contact the Seminary Office to enroll in this class. (0 credit hours)

DMI 820 – Ministry Project (4)

The student will design and complete a written project that addresses both the nature and the practice of ministry. This final summative project shall be of sufficient quality that it contributes to the practice of ministry as judged by professional standards and is useful for application in the student’s ministry. The project shall demonstrate the candidate’s ability to identify a specific ministry topic, organize an effective research model, use appropriate resources, and evaluate the results. It should also reflect the candidate’s depth of insight in relation to ministry. Upon completion of the ministry project, there shall be an oral presentation and evaluation. The completed written project, with any supplemental material, shall be accessioned in the Maranatha library. (4 credit hours)